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Fisherman Reborn

Eugene had been a fisherman for fifty years, like his father before him and his grandfather too. His grandfather always claimed it all went all way back to his ancestor in ancient Greece, who seduced an ocean nymph and was blessed with good fortune at sea. Of course, Eugene never believed that. Read more

All Washed Up

Henry was all washed up, he lost his wife, his job, and his money, all because he revealed to his therapist that he had desires to become a woman. His therapist apparently was not tight lipped as she should have been, and spread it throughout town. His wife found out, then his boss, and she took all his money in the divorce settlement. Henry was left with nothing, nothing but himself, and his strong urge to become a woman. He still had his boat, and was staying at a cheap hotel, after selling his vinyl record collection. He went out into the Pacific, and got lost at sea in a drunken stupor, not even knowing how bad the situation was. Later he washed up on a beach and was in for a life changing surprise. Read more

Trouble At Sea

I knew something wasn’t right. I knew it. That freighter was obscenely suspicious yet I did nothing about it absolutely nothing. I didn’t think to move my boat well clear. It cost me.
It was carrying a feminising chemical and they released. I inhaled the toxic substance and inhaled it deeply. It changed my body from top to bottom. I was soon a petite blonde. A female.
Why didn’t I move the boat?


They were right. Ocean water really does make you feel better. It certainly makes my skin softer and makes it feel like you have more room downstairs. Oh wait, I’m a woman. Even better.