Extreme Cosplay – Part 2

“Spencer, you were soooo right. I don’t know how I could have ever doubted you,” Norman whispered sensually, leering at his own new voluptuous female body through his Batgirl mask. “I’ve never felt such dominance and potential. We’ve always been ignored as geeks, but no one will ignore us NOW! I know I was furious when you first changed me with that magic crystal you found, but that all just seems so foolish. Now I feel almost electric and brimming with potential. As for the cosplay contest, you’re thinking far too small. Looking like this, winning the contest would be child’s play. But just think of all of the things we could do and explore and accomplish. There are already so many things that this new body is begging me to experience, so many things I’d never had the courage to try. For instance, until now, I’ve never been very forward sexually, always being too scared to come right out and say what I want. But now I’ll say THIS — All of this fondling has got me so fucking hot that I demand you go down on me! Screw the fucking cosplay contest, I need to feel a female orgasm right now!”


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