I lost everything – my job, my fiance, my house and friends – many years ago. Now I’m living on the street, begging for money. Just to buy some food.
One day a woman came along the street I was begging. She was young, mid 20s I think, pregnant and had a smile on her face. She looked so happy, I thought. Happy people were mostly generous. And she was. But not the way I thought.
I begged for money infront of her. But instead giving me some, she just smiled. “Tell me. What kind of live you would really like to have?”, she asked which got me angry. I thought she might be generous, but she was mocking me instead.
“A life without concerns and full of money and endless fucking of course, you stupid bitch” I shouted back.
But she continued smiling. “So it will be”, she said and walked away singing in a language I couldn’t understand.

But suddenly everything changed. I wasn’t homeless anymore. I was lying in a bed surrounded by money looking into the eyes of Pat, a billionair and my husband. His hard meber was pushing into my vagina. I knew, I was Janine, his trophy wife. And I got so munch new memories of my life with pat. I remember he how we met, our first date, his proposal … My old life seemed so far away, now.
In my thoughts I thanked that woman. I will be happy for the rest of my new life.


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