Bringing her back

A couple of months ago, Emily, my girlfriend Jenny and I were driving across town. I got distracted for a couple of seconds, and skipped a red light. We crashed, the car was completely damaged, Jenny and I weren’t even scratched, but sadly, Emily was injured, and a couple of hours later, at the hospital, she passed away.

I felt responsible for her. Even though Jenny kept saying it wasn’t my fault, I knew she was dead because of my distraction. A few days later, Jenny and I broke up. I stayed home for weeks, I felt depressed, I didn’t want to see or talk to anyone. Jenny, had been sending me lots of texts messages, but I didn’t feel like reading them, until today.

In most of them, she said she was still in love with me, that she missed Emily, she knew I missed her too, and she knew I felt responsible. While I was reading the last text, Jenny called me. “Hey Tom, how are you feeling? I know it will sound crazy, but I have a magic book. It has a spell to bring Emily back. I don’t know if it will work, but it is worth the try. Do you want to help me bring her back?” — I don’t believe in magic, but I agreed, at least it will make me feel better knowing that I tried to save her.

A couple of hours later Jenny was at my home, she pulled out the book, turned off the lights, and lit 5 candles. She gave me some kind of white chalk “draw a circle and sit inside it” she said. She started reading from the book, I couldn’t hear her, It was like the circle was some kind of sound capsule. I felt dizzy, my sight was fixated in one of the candles. I felt my body changing, but I was powerless to resist the transformation, suddenly a bunch of memories started filling my mind. I remembered how I was borned, how my parent’s use to treat me like a princess, my first boyfriend, how I met Jenny and her boyfriend Tom. And how, two months ago we were on a car crash, and the only person that got injured and died was Tom. That day was horrible; however it made us, Jenny and I very close. We became lovers.

I started feeling Jenny lips on my shoulder and neck, she was kissing me. I felt so hot, I looked around and started kissing her back. I still feel bad for Tom, but I will always take care of Jenny for him.


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