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Cosplaying as a Cosplayer

Phillip was a senior in high school. He made good money at his job, and was making payments on a car too. With a long weekend coming up, he was making plans to go to E3 with some friends. While looking at videos and chatrooms online talking about what the upcoming E3 would feature, he stumbled upon a group of geeks talking about what cosplayers would be there. He started loading the chatroom with his opinions of cosplayers, and basically judging these nerds as he knew there would be little consequence. He continued picking on the kids until he got a peculiar text on his phone:
“Alright you think very little of cosplayers so I doubt you’ve ever given it a real shot. We all enjoy dressing as our favorite game and anime characters so since E3 starts tomorrow, I’m going to give you a front row seat to cosplaying. Enjoy, and I’ll see you there!”
Phillip got off the chatroom after this, he didn’t like the fact these internet dweebs had somehow gotten his phone number. He started playing video games to get his mind off it, and by the time he went to bed it was practically forgotten. Read more

Center of Attention

When I came to the comic con I had the idea I would win the cosplay competition as an imposing Darth Vader. I’m 6’3″ and in very good shape. I have no trouble getting girls, if you know what I mean ; So that morning I put on the uniform that my friend had hand made for me. It was perfect even my voice sounded like the character. That’s when things got a bit weird. Suddenly I saw colored lights and heard strange voices in me head. The uniform was starting to contract. I could feel it getting tighter and tighter. When the mask started to crush my face I was freaking out trying my hardest to pull it off. It wouldn’t budge. I fell on the bed and screamed but no one could her me. The suit continued to contract and change the shape of my body. When it was done I was still Darth Vader but and sexy female cosplay version. I started to come to when my boyfriend came in and said hurry up your going to be late. I took so many pictures that day and did win the competition. Read more

Extreme Cosplay – Part 2

“Spencer, you were soooo right. I don’t know how I could have ever doubted you,” Norman whispered sensually, leering at his own new voluptuous female body through his Batgirl mask. “I’ve never felt such dominance and potential. We’ve always been ignored as geeks, but no one will ignore us NOW! I know I was furious when you first changed me with that magic crystal you found, but that all just seems so foolish. Now I feel almost electric and brimming with potential. As for the cosplay contest, you’re thinking far too small. Looking like this, winning the contest would be child’s play. But just think of all of the things we could do and explore and accomplish. There are already so many things that this new body is begging me to experience, so many things I’d never had the courage to try. For instance, until now, I’ve never been very forward sexually, always being too scared to come right out and say what I want. But now I’ll say THIS — All of this fondling has got me so fucking hot that I demand you go down on me! Screw the fucking cosplay contest, I need to feel a female orgasm right now!”

Extreme Cosplay – Part 1

“Norman, isn’t it all purrrrfectly clear to you now?” Spencer purred in his new female voice. “This crystal I tracked down is the key to our success. We were never going to win that cosplay contest as our nerdy male selves. But who will be able to resist us as sexy comic book kittens? You know those judges are merely a panel of geeks and purrrrverts. Just keep staring into the crystal! Soon you’ll stop being outraged that I transformed you into a girl and be left feeling as I do — awakened to the possibilities and yearning to embrace the new-found power of being a sexy and sensuous woman!”


my ass…
they say its funny.
How could I know what they meant by ” we take you there”.

Sexy Stormtrooper

Halloween costumes can be hard to find at the best of times but the TG store guarantees that they will make it incredibly easy. Of course with an ad like that I went in. I’d always been a Star Wars fan so I opted for a Star Wars costume.
They gave me a stormtrooper costume. I tried it on and it felt as though it was a perfect fit. Happy with my find I took the costume off. When I took the costume off a lot was different. My penis was replaced by a vagina, I had long hair, I had two big breasts, I had a curvy body, I was a woman. I was furious. I gave the manager a piece of my mind I was completely and utterly livid. However, he explained that there was nothing that could be done and I was stuck this way. I was incredibly upset. They offered me a new costume and financial compensation. I willingly accepted. The new costume wasn’t the one I had tried on. The store disposed of it due to its danger. Instead I got a latex dress with heels and a helmet. I looked like a stormtrooper from a porn parody. Which I wasn’t keen on.
I know I won’t be a man again but I wish I was.

Cosplaying Right

“Who needs to pay for a pass when you have a tits a man could die for?” Eric said gazing at his reflection in the mirror, the pretty girl smirked back. Read more