Down the Hall 2

That night at the bar was fantastic. We found a hunky guy to take us home and it was amazing. He may not have had much of a brain, but he had massive muscles and a dick to match. We made him wear a condom, after all we don’t want Alexis getting pregnant, but the sex was still fantastic. I don’t know if it was Alexis’s horny little body, or if he was really that good, but he rocked us all night long. It makes us wet just thinking about it!

Or at least it would if I was inside of Alexis right now. Instead I’m sitting in my broom closet-sized dorm room, waiting for Alexis to get back from her classes so we can do it all again. I tapped my foot impatiently; her class had ended a while ago, where could she be?

A knock at the door. I leapt from my chair. Before I could even peek through the door, Alexis shoved her way in, knocking be down to the floor. She giggled, “Ooh, someone’s being a bit naughty!” I could see up her skirt right to her purple panties, “And judging by what’s going on in your pants I’d say you’re ready to go,” She pressed the Jewel into my hand, and I pressed it to her forehead.

We immediately clawed off her skirt and shirt like a horny hyena, “Hey slow down a bit, those aren’t cheap!”

We hooked our thumbs into the sides of her purple panties, and we slowly and sensually felt them slim down my smooth, hairless legs. We reached a hand down to our crotch, and began to slowly rub, barely sinking our fingers into our shared pussy. My mind was already going numb.

“Slow down! Remember, I was going to show you the best way to do this, now do you want the advice or what?” I could barely utter a moan in response, but we pulled our hand away from our aching vagina.

“Brace your index and pinkie fingers against the base of your legs, then place your ring and middle fingers over your labia,” I couldn’t explain why, but for some reason her dry intonation was turning us on even more. Did she have a thing for instruction manuals or something?

We did as she instructed, “Not slowly press your middle fingers into your vagina-“ She didn’t get time to finish her sentence before we pushed our fingers inside. We gave out a yelp of pain as I felt something scrap against the wall of our pussy, “And be mindful of your nails, they can hurt,” She finished. I gave an apologetic whimper.

“Slowly move your fingers to the back of the vagina, making a slight swishing motion to stimulate the production of lubricating cum and assist in finding the G-spot,” She stopped before breaking characters for a moment, “Oh and personal advice here, back and to the left a bit,” we were screaming with pleasure. My neighbors were banging on the walls, trying to get us to quiet down, “Yep, that’s the spot.”

“Use your other hand to squeeze, pinch and stimulate your nipples – hint hint, my left one is more sensitive – but again be mindful of your nails. Repeat while increasing the vigor of your motions until an orgasm is achieved.”

My mind was gone by this point, replaced by pleasure and Alexis’s instructions repeating in my head. We came harder than either of us ever had that night.


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