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Melissa’s Journal

“Okay, okay, I believe you. Somehow, you are my friend Mel. I just…how does something like this happen? I mean you went away to college and come back a smoking hot blonde chick?” Gene asked. This beautiful busty blonde had invited him into her car to talk, and then told him she was his best friend, and proved it by telling Gene things that Gene knew Mel would never tell anyone. Read more

Down the Hall 2

That night at the bar was fantastic. We found a hunky guy to take us home and it was amazing. He may not have had much of a brain, but he had massive muscles and a dick to match. We made him wear a condom, after all we don’t want Alexis getting pregnant, but the sex was still fantastic. I don’t know if it was Alexis’s horny little body, or if he was really that good, but he rocked us all night long. It makes us wet just thinking about it! Read more