Dire Consequences

“So this potion is going to make up bustier?” Bethany asked her friend Alison, playing with her necklace nervously.
“Yes, it should, so let’s drink up!” Alison said cheerfully as she reached for the glass. But she went for it with a bit too much enthusiasm, and poured it all over the table by accident. Their expressions quickly changed from ones of anticipation and excitement, to horror.
“What’s going to happen now? Nothing right?” Bethany shouted at her friend.
“I don’t know!” Alison said, panicked. “All I know is that if we spilled it we’d suffer dire consequences!”
“Well I definitely don’t feel any bigger,” Bethany said. “In fact, I think my bra feels a bit…roomy.” She reached up, and felt the emptiness of her bra’s cups. “Ali! My boobs are-” she stopped short as she looked up at her friend, who’s face had been contorted and was now chiseled, with a bit of stubble on its chin. She looked almost…manly.
“What’s happening to us?” Ali shouted, feeling her hips snap inwards and feeling her curves vanish.
“That potion was supposed to give us bigger tits,” Bethany said, her voice’s new depth surprising her. “But I think spilling it is giving us the opposite: men don’t have tits at all!”
Ali’s eyes widened, realizing what her friend said was true. In that same instant she felt it: something was emerging from the folds of her womanhood. Bethany felt the same sensation not long after, and they looked into each other’s eyes in horror.
With a popping feeling, they’re new manhoods settled in, and their bodies had become fully masculine. Their dresses fit awkwardly now, and they were both glad they had gone without panties that morning.
“I guess we should go find some more appropriate clothes,” Ali said, her voice shaky.
“Yeah, I think my boyfriend, well I guess he’s my ex now, has some we could borrow,” Bethany replied, sad but also sort of excited to experiment with her new form. maybe spilling the potion hadn’t been a complete loss.


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