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Outsmart the Genie

“You’re a genie!” I shouted to the scantily-clad woman who appeared in my living room after I rubbed the table lamp as I cleaned my house. I always thought they came out of different lamps but this works too.
“Yes, but a different kind,” she said, her voice seductive. “I don’t grant wishes: instead you name a person, and I give them whatever their greatest wish is.”
A bit odd, but I had a perfect way around it: my mother really wants grandchildren, and I haven’t had a girlfriend in years, so I’ll kill two birds with one stone.
“Alright, I choose my mother,” I said confidently.
“granted,” the genie said as she snapped her fingers and disappeared. I thought my beautiful new wife would appear as instantly, but she didn’t. Maybe the magic was a bit delayed? I shrugged and went back to cleaning. As I did I started to feel really warm. it was summer though, so I didn’t think anything of it. Until I felt the swaying on my chest, that is.
“What?” I muttered, feeling the lumps beneath my shirt. “Why is my chest to flabby?” I removed my shirt to get a better look. Why does it look like I have-
“Tits?…” I whispered, poking the fleshy mounds wobbling on my chest. I fondled them for a few moments, both terrified and aroused. I was so interested in my new breasts I didn’t even notice the gurgling in my stomach, or that it was slowly ballooning outward.
I didn’t notice until it was past my heavy new assets. “Holy shit!” I shouted, moving my hands down to cradle my expanding belly. “Why am I getting so fat? I almost look like I’m pregnant!” Wait. Breasts, dainty hands, slim arms, high voice, big belly…
“I AM pregnant!” I screamed. I hadn’t outsmarted the genie after all! Instead of giving me a wife to give my mother grandchildren, I was going to have them!
I waddled up the stairs to my bathroom, my belly still growing, but much slower than it had been. I looked at myself in the mirror, and my mouth dropped. I was completely female, from head to toe, no part of my male self remaining, not even-
“My dick!” I pulled my pants down and revealed my crotch, previously hidden my my huge belly. It was gone, and in its place was a vagina. My vagina. My vagina that was going to be pushing a baby out of it way sooner than I would have liked.
But at least Mom would get her grandchildren.

Any Time I Want

I came to suddenly, and forcefully. My body and mind were full of new sensations, the pleasure of them almost taking over my thoughts. I let out a high-pitched moan as a hand grasped something attached to my chest. I moaned again as a second hand grabbed an identical mass on the other side of my chest. The hands shook them for a few moments, and it felt so good, but then it let the masses drop, and I felt their weight fully. I looked down, and saw two massive breasts, bound loosely in a pink top. And attached to my own chest.
Then the pounding started. In and out, in and out I felt it go. There was a man inside me. In that moment, amidst the swirls of pleasure filling my head and making soft sounds escape my lips, I knew what had happened.
I had one wish, and I had wasted it wishing to be able to see my sexy busty neighbor naked any time I wanted to. I must have been instantly put into her body, and she had been in the middle of something…personal.
The man finished and wasted no time getting dressed, though I was left feeling sort of unfulfilled. He walked out and put some money on the table. “A little extra,” he said with a wink, and I threw up a little in my mouth. My neighbor was a prostitute?! Was being the key word: I know I definitely wouldn’t be letting anybody else use this body. I threw off my thin top, tearing it slightly as I tried to get it over my huge new melons. When they were free I looked down at them. “Wow,” was all I could say for a full minute. “These are…” I wanted to say something good, something like “fantastic” or “amazing”, but somehow my mind went to: “heavy.” And they were: it was much easier to fall in love with these tits when you weren’t the one carrying them on your chest 24/7.
But more than that, they were something else now: mine. These breasts, were mine now, and I could see them any time I wanted to.

Dire Consequences

“So this potion is going to make up bustier?” Bethany asked her friend Alison, playing with her necklace nervously.
“Yes, it should, so let’s drink up!” Alison said cheerfully as she reached for the glass. But she went for it with a bit too much enthusiasm, and poured it all over the table by accident. Their expressions quickly changed from ones of anticipation and excitement, to horror.
“What’s going to happen now? Nothing right?” Bethany shouted at her friend.
“I don’t know!” Alison said, panicked. “All I know is that if we spilled it we’d suffer dire consequences!”
“Well I definitely don’t feel any bigger,” Bethany said. “In fact, I think my bra feels a bit…roomy.” She reached up, and felt the emptiness of her bra’s cups. “Ali! My boobs are-” she stopped short as she looked up at her friend, who’s face had been contorted and was now chiseled, with a bit of stubble on its chin. She looked almost…manly.
“What’s happening to us?” Ali shouted, feeling her hips snap inwards and feeling her curves vanish.
“That potion was supposed to give us bigger tits,” Bethany said, her voice’s new depth surprising her. “But I think spilling it is giving us the opposite: men don’t have tits at all!”
Ali’s eyes widened, realizing what her friend said was true. In that same instant she felt it: something was emerging from the folds of her womanhood. Bethany felt the same sensation not long after, and they looked into each other’s eyes in horror.
With a popping feeling, they’re new manhoods settled in, and their bodies had become fully masculine. Their dresses fit awkwardly now, and they were both glad they had gone without panties that morning.
“I guess we should go find some more appropriate clothes,” Ali said, her voice shaky.
“Yeah, I think my boyfriend, well I guess he’s my ex now, has some we could borrow,” Bethany replied, sad but also sort of excited to experiment with her new form. maybe spilling the potion hadn’t been a complete loss.

Swap Party Game

Damien was a huge fan of Open TG Captions. He could read captions for hours. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to be a woman but he just found the captions so purely arousing.
One day he was playing the swap party game on the site. He knew that it was all make belief and wouldn’t actually swap bodies with anyone and was just playing for the sheer entertainment. After a few rounds Damien finally swapped with someone. The image showed a beautiful woman wearing a girly set of bra and panties. Then Damien looked down he was wearing that same attire and had breasts. He slid his hands down his body rapidly in panic across his smooth skin. He slipped his delicate hand down his panties to find that he was a she.
Damien, now Danica was unsure what to think. She didn’t know wether to play on to try and get the body of Damien back but then the computer crashed. Danica quickly tried to restart the computer but when the computer finally whirred back to life all the game data was lost. Danica was here to stay.

Dropped It

“Whoops, uh, honey? I think I dropped the medallion…” I said with fake surprise. “Guess your boobs are mine now,” I said, trying to sound disappointed.
“Don’t worry honey, it’s okay,” she sounded too okay with this. “I may have forgotten to tell you, but the pregnancy test was positive, so this is kind of a relief.”
I hadn’t thought this through.

Schlimmer Zauber 1

Judith war wütend auf ihren Ex-Mann Martin. Erst ging er mit so einer jüngeren Bimbo Schlampe fremd und dann erhielt er auch noch das Sorgerecht für ihren gemeinsamen Sohn Dominik(15).
Judith wollte sich rächen. Eine Hexe gab ihr einen Zauberspruch, der ihren Mann in das verwandeln sollte, was er so begehrte. Blonde Silikon Schlampen. Read more

Schlimmer Zauber 2 (Alternatives Ende)

Judith lief zurück zu der Hexe, die ihr den Zauberspruch gab. Die Hexe erklärte ihr, dass es nicht möglich war, die alte Realität wieder herzustellen. Doch sie wollte Judith helfen. “Ich kann dir deinen Sohn zumindest wieder in deine Familie zurück holen” sagte sie. Judith willigte ein. Die Hexe sprach den Zauberspruch und die Realität änderte sich wieder.
Zuerst war sie schockiert, dass Dominik nicht wieder ihr Kind war. Nein, er war jetzt ihre jüngere Schwester Dominique. Dominique war 31 und schwanger. Der Vater war leider abgehauen, aber trotzdem freute sie sich sehr darüber, Mutter zu werden. Dominique ging förmlich in ihrer neuen Rolle auf. Judith sich nie träumen lassen, dass aus ihrem Sohn ihre ältere, schwangere Schwester wird und diese auch noch glücklich mit der Situation ist.
Es war sehr komisch, doch sie wollte nicht wieder zu der Hexe gehen. Ihre Racheversuche hatten genug durcheinander gebracht. Read more

Schlimmer Zauber 2

Judith lief zurück zu der Hexe, die ihr den Zauberspruch gab. Die Hexe erklärte ihr, dass es nicht möglich war, die alte Realität wieder herzustellen. Doch sie konnte ihr ihr Kind wiedergeben. Sie sprach einen neuen Zauber und die Realität veränderte sich wieder. Sie war nun wieder Mutter. Allerdings hatte sie zwei Teenie Töchter. Danielle, die vorher ihr Sohn Dominik war und Marcia, die früher ihr Ex-Mann Martin gewesen ist. Read more

Hilary’s Unfortunate Morning

“Good morning boys!” I said as I woke. After months of only one guy, I thought doing several might give me bigger tits faster. And I could tell from the weight I felt that it had worked.
“Boys?” Still no response. I opened my eyes and tried to sit up, but was immediately thrown back down. I put my arms to my chest, trying to gather up all my new titflesh. “Oh gosh these things must weigh a ton!” I said cradling them as I got up. Once I had stood, I released them, and was pulled down to the ground hard. I hefted them again and got steadily to my feet. I suddenly felt the need to go to the bathroom, so I tried walking down the hall, which ended up as more of a waddle. I finally made it and sat down on the toiled, only to find I was still at least half a foot off the seat. “What the-” I said, dropping my tits and twisting to look behind me.
My ass. I forgot about my ass! The thing had grown as huge as my tits had, maybe even more! How was I supposed to sit down with this thing!?
Somehow though I managed, and waddled back to my room, slowly learning how to walk in my new huge form. “C’mon, where’s the stone…” I muttered, digging through the pockets of my pants from last night. I know it could give me another wish, and I know I had to get rid of these things! A-ha! Finally I found it, and holding it tightly I made my wish.
Nothing. I didn’t feel the usually warmth, and the stone didn’t glow.
It’s magic was gone. I sat down on my bed, my huge ass flattening out slightly beneath me, my tits wobbling even with only my breathing. This was me now. There was no magic that could put me back.
This time, the change was permanent.