Tantramorphic Massage

I just got back from the Gym and I was a bit sore from lifting weights. My hippie flat mate Dwayne was lying on the coach with a bong as usual but the git never got fat. So I did bit of humble bragging “Damn your pecks can get quite saw when you bench press twice your body weight.”
Dwayne slowly sat up put his bong down, and replied: “Well you know Joe, I can ease all that tension in those muscles with a noce tantromorphic massage.”
I had no idea what kind of hippy woo “tantromorphic” meant but any kind of massage should be good so.
“Do your worst” I said.

He place his hands on my chest and said:”Wow I feel a lot of tension in these muscles they are so hard”
“Yes my pecks are big and hard” I snickered.
“When you are finished boasting let me loosen them up for you.”replied Dwayne.
He pushed against my chest and started wiggling the palms of his hands in small movements. Even though his hands hardly moved I did begin to feel my throbbing pecks begin to relax.
Dwayne continued “Ooh, your aura is all tied up in knots too, lets bring it out of hiding.”
My pecks were starting loosen up and become soft.
“Wow that is really working.” I said.
“Now, feel warmth as your body relines with your aura spreading warmth from your center.”
I could feel my chest muscles getting even more relaxed, even softer, with a relaxing warmth spreading out in waves over the rest of my body. The minutes slipped by but I did not get bored this hippie massage really worked. Although I was relaxed I became more aware, it seemed like my senses became more sensitive, I could feel the breeze blowing across my skin and through my hair. I could smell Dwayne’s musk it was actually nice.

“Wow your aura really was tied up and hidden, but it is the brightest I have ever seen on anyone now, we are almost done.”
He continued pressing my chest, it seemed impossibly soft with his fingers delving into the squishy flesh and wrapping around them as if his magic hands were bigger. My nipples were becoming sensitive, Dwayne was so handsome, I was becoming aroused. Ew Dwayne is guy, I gasped inhaling his musky aroma.

“Now that is a result, how do you like it Joe?” Said Dwayne.
I stepped back looked around and suddenly realized Dwayne seemed taller, taller than me. I looked around and saw the mirror behind me and ran towards it in shock as my chest bounced up and down, no wonder my pecks felt so soft they are tits! But all I could say was babbling noises as stared in shock at my now long hair girly face round shoulders and skinny little arms. Even my muscle top had shrunk into a skimpy lacy thing revealing my new cleavage. My jeans had shrunk into a pair of skinny jeans hugging my wide hips and bubble butte tapering to a skinny but shapely pair of thighs and calves on top of dainty little feet. I ssqueezed my hands into my tight skinny jeans and confirmed that between my legs was a slit instead of a cock. Dwayne was looking over my shoulder.
“Do you like?” he said.
I tried to hide the smile that was starting to spread across my face, I covered them with my hands but then I started uncontrollably giggling.
“Come on give me an answer.” he persisted.

I dropped my hands and turned around looked up a him revealing my smiling face, his handsome mug smiled back.
“Still waiting for an answer.”
I jumped up wrapping my legs around his waist resting my small hands on what now seemed like very large and broad shoulders, and passionately kissed him sucking his lips and trading tongues. My sensitive new titties squeezing against his chest. His hand wrapped around my slender waist.
“Oh thank you!” I said:”How can I repay you?”
“I am sure we will find a way Josephine.” He replied, unbuttoning my pants.
Then I found out how large his penis was as he squeezed it into my tight new vagina. We then had a very passionate night together.

I had lost all the muscles that I had been lifting weights to build but I have never been happier with my body. Only the clothes I was wearing were transformed so the next day I spent shopping for dresses, skirts, and high heels, accidentally spending all my savings. Without a job and no ID, I then joined Dwayne on a hippie commune. But I will have to sort my life out for the baby now growing in bump on my belly.


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