Dealing With Theft

A week ago, we had our first case of theft at Bella’s. I had watched from the backroom as some 20 something guy came in, grabbed some expensive lingerie, walked out the door and handed it to his friend who then walked back in the store and up to the counter. I walked up to the counter to meet him.

“Um Hi yeah, my girlfriend bought these and they didn’t fit so she asked me to return them.”
“Sure thing, just let me get you the $120, would cash be ok? And I just need your name and your girlfriends name for my records.”
“Yeah cash is great… my name is Evan Andrews and my girlfriends name is…uh…Sarah Smith.”
I wrote those down on a piece of paper, handed him the $120, and smiled at him nicely as he walked out the door.

I pulled out my magic mirror to watch Evan and his friend back at their apartment.

“Stan, what an easy store that was to rip off! $120 for hardly any work. Lets do that again soon.” Evan said as he high fived Stan. But what neither of them noticed was that Stan was quite a few inches shorter than he had been previously, and more changes would come in the next few days. I would check in on them in the mornings to see how they were handling things
—Day 1—
The next morning Stan woke up, brushed his hair out of his face, and headed to the kitchen to eat breakfast. He noticed that he looked a lot skinnier. Perhaps his new diet and exercise routine was paying off. Evan even complimented him on the results before heading off to work.
—Day 2—
Stan thought it was weird that he did not need to shave, and thought that it looked like he had lost some weight in his face as well. Evan also spent the morning staring at him, and in a somewhat creepy manor, told him he was “looking good today”.
—Day 3—
Stan was really confused about two days of no shaving, and what was even weirder is that he seemed to not have hair anywhere on his body. And were his hips a bit wider? And why was his chest so sore? Evan told him he was over reacting.
—Day 4—
Stan woke up, took a shower, blow dried his hair, put on his makeup, then paused when he went to put on a bra. He looked at himself in the mirror and realized that his body was quit curvy now, from his hips and ass to his very sizable new boobs. He grabbed his phone to call off to work, but had a look of shock on his face when he heard his voice. He went to the kitchen to look for Evan. “Evan, something is seriously wrong!” “The hell Stan, why are you wearing makeup? Why do you have tits?” Stan broke down crying in Evans arms. “It’ll be ok babe, you stay home today and we will figure this out.” Stan felt confused about Evan calling him babe, but he felt secure. They would figure this out.
—Day 5—
Stan rolled out of bed and headed towards the toilet, after sitting down to pee, he looked off into the distance in shock. Then he looked down. He no longer had a penis. None of this was right. How was he a woman now? That stuff doesn’t just happen. He found Evan sitting at the breakfast table. He sat on his lap, crying, and explained everything. “Well Babe, at least you are a hot woman. We need to figure out how this happened, but for now lets have you lay low.”
—Day 6—
Stan woke that morning to a kiss from Evan. “Good morning beautiful, how did you sleep?” A strange feeling overcame him, he was feeling incredibly horny. He stripped out of his pajamas and spread himself out on the bed. “Fuck me babe” Stan asked Evan. “Oh you know how to wake your boyfriend up in the morning don’t you Sarah.”

A brief look of recognition dawned on both of their faces, as Evan remembered the names he had given for the return. “Holy Shit Sarah, you became Sarah because of us stealing that lingerie.” Sarah just looked at him, dumbstruck about their mistake. “I know this isn’t how I’ve always been Evan, but right now it just feels so right to be a woman,and I’m so horny.” Evan came behind to go at Sarah doggy style. Sarah moaned in pleasure, ultimately experiencing her first multiple orgasm.

Afterwords they looked around, noticing that their apartment was nicer, that their photos showed them dating, that Sarah’s ID all listed her as Sarah. And in fact, Sarah’s closet and dresser were filled with all sorts of women’s fashions. As they talked, they realized that while they both knew who Sarah had been, they none the less felt a very real attraction. After some discussion they realized it was pointless to fight the change, Sarah was happy to be his girlfriend permanently.

—Day 7—
I was in the store this morning putting away some new stock when in walks Evan and Sarah. Sarah told me she was looking for some new lingerie to spice things up. I helped her find and try on an assortment of different outfits, and eventually Evan and Sarah left with over $1500 worth of clothes and lingerie. Looks like I made my profit back from their theft, and I think that they will learn to love their new life together.


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