Conditioned to Perfection (Part 2 of 3)

Over the next several months, my routine changed very little. I would wake up early in the morning and begin my beauty ritual. At first, I despised it. It was a constant reminder of my lost manhood.

Then I would have a very light breakfast. It was served through a slot in the bottom of my room’s door. This is how I received all my meals, clothes, and make-up. In fact, the only time the door ever fully opened was when my captor came in for our “daily sessions.”

I began to notice that I was still getting softer, curvier… sexier. I figured there must be hormones in the food. I tried not eating, but eventually I gave in… it was one of the few pleasures I had.

I felt like I was starting to go mad. I had been locked away for so long, any change in the routine felt like an absolute luxury. Even if it was something as simple as a change in the shade of my eye-liner.

I was also beginning to actually… look forward to my captor’s visits. He was the only other person I ever saw. And, if I obeyed him, he was always rather nice to me.

“That was an amazing blowjob today, Sissy! I’m very proud of you.”

I actually blushed the first time he complimented me. I was just so happy to have someone acknowledge me.

“I have a special surprise for you today, Sissy.”

I immediately looked up from my daily blowjob. At this point, I lived for surprises.

“I’m going to fuck you today, Sissy.”

I was in shock. I had been forbidden to touch myself up until now. With all the female hormones, my body was going crazy. I was pretty much constantly wet. But this… was I ready for this?

“Bend over, my dear.”

I instinctively bent over. I had learned by now to always submit.

“Now, I’m going to begin.”

I thought he was going to just thrust his rock-hard dick straight into my aching pussy. But he didn’t. Instead, he started to slowly brush against it with his fingers. I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“Yea… yes…” I whimpered in response.

“What was that?” he said, taking his hand away.

“Yes!” I screamed, not wanting him to stop.


He put his hand back and began firmly massaging my pussy. I was in ecstasy.

“I need you to tell me you want me inside you. I cannot do so until you beg me for it.”

I was all but feral at this point. I wanted… no… I needed him inside me.

“Please!” I cried.

“Please what?”

“Please… please fuck me!”

“As you wish.”

He plunged his throbbing cock straight into my soaking pussy. I exploded in pleasure as wave after wave of orgasms washed over me.

“Now, what do you say?”

“Thank you!”

“Thank you…?”

“Thank you, Master!”


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