The shop at the mall

“I am not a woman! I am a man!” I kept telling myself. I had been transformed by a wizard in the shopping mall into a blonde woman. “I like men… I mean… women! I like men!” My mind was getting mixed up. “Please stop it” I said. I could feel the worst headache I had ever had, so I just pressed my head with both my hands. I started to cry, “please!”. But I could only hear the old man laughing.

“I can’t stop thinking about sex. Hot sex with a man. His thing inside my wet pussy” I yelled, still complaining, “and … and… it feels good… I want more… I want to experience sex as a woman” I said, realizing I had accepted the new me. “What am I saying” I giggled, “I have had sex before, silly me”. I thanked the old man, and left his store. My boyfriend was waiting for me outside, I kissed him and siad “I know we just got to the mall, but I think we should go back to your place and have some sex. I am kind of wet”. He didn’t even say a thing, he grabbed my hand, and we went back to our car. While he drove, I unzipped his pants, and gave him quite a blowjob.


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