Deal with it

“Where are you going” Kelly asked. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m going out with my friends” Diana said with a hint of annoyance in her voice. “Since when you have friends?” Kelly was surprised. “Since my crazy, now ex wife turned me into a teenage girl” Diana said angrily. “But you’re not a teenage girl” Kelly tried to remind her. “Do i look like a grown up man to you?” Diana turned around presenting her features. “I told you already that it was an accident, the spell was suposed to be temporary ” Kelly tried to explain herself. “You should study it before casting it on your husband” Diana still couldn’t forgive her.

It was 2 months ago when Kelly decided to teach her husband a lesson and tunred him into a teenage girl. She did not foresee the spell was permament and now her husband Sam is stuck in this form. From that day Sam bacame Diana, Kelly’s adopted daughter and struggled to find himself in this new life. Since there was no way back Sam decided to make the best of this horrible situation and started to act his age. Kelly didn’t like the idea of her husband acting like a girl but Sam didn’t care about her opinion. It was her fault he’s like this right now, so she could either accept it or shut up.


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