This is so humiliating! I used to be the dean here. Now they make me wear this embarrassing uniform and all the boys I used to discipline keep staring at me, and damn, they look so different too, It’s hard to admit, but, well, I got so wet down there when I’m around them. I just had to come here to take care of it, or I don’t know what I would end up doing with Chad, that boy, he is so handsome. Damn! I have to put these thoughts away; I’m a man goddamnit! A forty-five-year-old man! And Chad, he’s a troublemaker, with such a cute butt, but… fuck!

Thank god I was able to hide this; I need it! These thoughts are so stressful! This life is stressful! Skirts, bras, makeup, periods and boys, yes they are the worse. Ahh sweet, this is the only place I can smoke now. Carol is being a bitch about it at home, my own wife has forbidden me to smoke in my own house. She thinks she’s my mom now.

I just hope the new dean don’t catch me again. Carol is threatening to spank me if I get in trouble again. Well, maybe if Chad gets detention too, it can be worth it. What? No! Fuck! This is so humiliating!


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