Dark Master (40)

“Yay! I have boobies again!”

“Yes, that’s right, Johnny. BIG boobies. You know what THAT means…”

“Time to play ‘Daddy’s Special Friend’!”

“That’s right! You’re a smart boy, er… girl.”

“Thanks Mr. Master! Wow, you made my boobies even bigger than last time!”

“Yes, well your daddy certainly likes them big. That’s why he keeps pestering your mommy to get bigger boobies at the doctor’s.”

“But you could give mommy bigger boobies with your magic…?”

“Well, maybe I WOULD’VE if your daddy didn’t sneak around with big boobie girls like you behind your mommy’s back. Now, let’s head to the motel. Your daddy will be sneaking out to meet you there any minute now.”

“Yay! Naughty Time! I love being grown up.”

“Yes, well, you know what to do. Make daddy happy and don’t talk much. Remember, if you make daddy like you so much that he leaves mommy for you, then I’ll let you stay a big girl for good!”

“Yes! That means no more school!”


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