Coping with the changes

I don’t understand what happened. One night I was a normal 22 year-old man. But the next morning, I woke up as a woman. In all the ways you can imagine. I had breasts, nice round ass, an hourglass shape, even my hair was long and blonde. It took sometime adapting to this new me. At first I tried to fight the changes. I dressed like a tomboy. I tried to hook up with girls, but things never seemed to work out. This new body didn’t want to be a lesbian.

One night I got so drunk at a bar, that when a guy invited me a drink, I made out with him without giving it much thought. It came naturally. I don’t remember much, but when I woke up, my panties were out of place, revealing some of my ass. My breasts were also sticking out of my blouse. And for some reason my pussy was all sore. I was just so tired, like I had been exercising all night. When I finally woke up, there was aa man sitting on the edge of the bed, he was smiling. Part of me wanted to puke, I just had sex with a man! But the other half was so excited. My sore pussy started to feel wet. I pulled him back into bed, and made love to him. This time, I wasn’t drunk, I wanted to make sure I remembered every detail.


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