Marital therapy

Liam and Sarah were having a hard time with their marriage. Something was breaking and they didn’t know what. Earlier they were living in heaven. They were dating for a long time and eventually got married, they were even planing to have kids but now their meetings were ending up in a quarrel. As a last resort they decided to go to a therapy. The therapist offered them to swap bodies and see the world from their perspective. Liam and Sarah agreed and soon they were in eachother’s bodies.

The therapy had positive effects. They finally started to understand eachother. Sarah had realized that Liam is a simple guy with simple needs, and that he only wanted to feel needed by her and protect her. Previously she hated the fact that Liam is treating her like a defenseless girl but now she understands why. Liam on the other hand felt everything Sarah wasn’t telling him. Her moods, her need for independence, and that she’s never talking direct. With their expirience they were able to build a strong relationship. There was passion betwen them. They started to be intimate until they fell in love again. The first time having sex as eachother was incredible. Sarah felt great to be strong and dominant, while Liam couldn’t believe how enjoyable a woman’s orgasm is.
At the end of their therapy they were happy again planing their future. Only this time Sarah will be the husband while Liam will become his wife. They decided that staying like this will be for the better.


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