Against his will

“Stop it! I am not a girl!” my friend James kept yelling. I had just used a spell on him. I transfromed him from a geeky looking guy to a really hot blonde girl. “Take off your clothes, and put on these schoolgirl outfit on” I told him as I handed him his new clothes. “I don’t want to” he said. But the spell was making him do so against his will. “I guess I should stop calling you James, you look more like a Jane” I said while she was taking off her clothes. She had the body of a goddess. But she was acting like a spoiled boy more than a hot girl. “You are a sexy woman, act like one!” I told her. She started dressing herself while posing sexy. “Please, I don’t want to. Turn me back” Jane kept repeating.

She lookes so hot, that miniskirt, that blouse, it made her look so hot. I wanted to have sex with her, no doubt about that. “Pose for me. And smile!” She grabbed her skirt, raised it a little, and did a sexy pose for me. “Look Jane, there is no going back, the sooner you realize that and accept the changes. The sooner you’ll feel happy.” She looked a little confused. “I am going to let you act by yourself. But you have to realize you are my hot new girlfriend, and that you are craving for sex with me, to allow you to move”. Right at that moment, I saw something different in her eyes, she didn’t look worried, I guess it was lust. She then pulled her panties off and walked towards me. She took my pants off. And sat on my lap. I can’t believe that she used to be my friend James, she is the best sex I have ever had.


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