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About to wake up

Tom was so wasted last night that he would surely not remember a thing. Having been transformed into a blond bimbo by a witch, he tried to fight his new found sex urge by drinking. But that just made things worse. A couple of hours later he started calling himself Tessa. She spent most of the night flirting with random guys, and rubbing her ass against any guy she would dance with. Read more


Tom had used a spell to possess the body of his next door neighbor Emma. He thought it would be fun to explore her body while alone. He woke up in her body feeling horny as hell. Emma’s husband was still sleeping. He was giving serious thought on having sex with him. “I must calm my self down” he said and quickly walked towards Emma’s bathtub. He expected the cold water to calm his hungry pussy. “It is not working” he said. There was only one thing he could do. He closed the running water, dried himself up. Took a deep breath, and walked back into Emma’s bedroom. Read more

Room Service

Dave was on a business trip. He decided to leave a day early so he could have a night to himself at a bar and get wasted. He wanted to forget the Mrs and his three kids for a night and just be himself. So, the night he arrived downtown he found the closest bar to the hotel, and got wasted. Read more

I just had to sleep

One day, for no reason at all, I felt really tired in the middle of the day, I couldn’t barely work. I left the office, and went to my appartment, I just had to sleep. When I woke up, I noticed everything was wrong, my apparment walls were pink, my furniture looked all girly. I stood up, and felt my hair touch my shoulders and breasts. “Wait a minute!” I said outloud. I walked to the mirror, and saw, in it, a reflection that wasn’t mine. I looked down, and I was wearing nothing but an unbuttoned white blouse. Read more

The red head

I looked at the naked redhead sleeping on my bed. I just couldn’t believe a few minutes ago that was me. For 10 years I was in that body. During that time, I didn’t age, and all I could think of was sex. The curse was simple, for 10 years I were to be a bimbo, after that date, I would swap bodies with the next man I sleep with. I had forgotten all about it, I was actually a little bummed, I did have a great time as her. But at least I ended up in the body of a really successfull business man. Read more

Coping with the changes

I don’t understand what happened. One night I was a normal 22 year-old man. But the next morning, I woke up as a woman. In all the ways you can imagine. I had breasts, nice round ass, an hourglass shape, even my hair was long and blonde. It took sometime adapting to this new me. At first I tried to fight the changes. I dressed like a tomboy. I tried to hook up with girls, but things never seemed to work out. This new body didn’t want to be a lesbian. Read more