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Drunk Shopping

…Ugh, what time is it? 11 am… I guess I must have gotten pretty hammered last night. That’s the trouble with having no friends (other than Jack and Jim… Jose might have even showed up at some point). Stupid sunlight, stupid pounding headache, stupid me for drinking alone in my apartment again. Read more

When in Rome…

Lately it has been a rough go at it for our pal Wyatt here, he has gotten laid off from his job, his girlfriend moved away, and his rent for his apartment just went up. He seemed lost, he’s had a hard time finding another job and he can’t quite hook up with the right ladies at the bar. Read more

All Fun and Games

Jack was so drunk he didn’t even care his ex used a spell to turn him into a busty babe, touting his hooters for the whole bar to see. When he sobers up the next day realizing he still has those melons and is a woman, he won’t be smiling but screaming in the mirror wondering what she was going to do next, with such a huge chest going with her everywhere she goes!

How the Story Goes

Ed—well Eddard now—and I didn’t have anyone to run a game for us, so we figured we would use one of those GM-less games to get our D&D fix in. He wanted to play his veteran of a grim war fighter character yet again, and I was just feeling the itch so I let a bunch of random rolls hand me a beautiful, young sorceress-queen to play. Read more

Bimbo Backfired

Sam and Tad had a magic spell, but only one, the borrowed magic that the man in the bathrobe gave to them for a steep price. He told them this was one time only, and they shall never come back to him, and that they would probably never find him anyway. He was a traveling magician, and moved many times over sometimes helping other times not so much. It depended on the deed and the person doing it. The man in the bathrobe remained unbiased however, knowing that karma would have it’s way no matter who used his magic. Read more

Room Service

Dave was on a business trip. He decided to leave a day early so he could have a night to himself at a bar and get wasted. He wanted to forget the Mrs and his three kids for a night and just be himself. So, the night he arrived downtown he found the closest bar to the hotel, and got wasted. Read more

Serves me well

I was sure my girlfriend was cheating on me, and with my best friend James! So I deviced a way to transform myself into a copy of her. She was going out of town for two weeks, it was the perfect opportunity to find out if I was right. All I would have to do is transform into her, and pretend I didn’t go to the trip to stay with James. Read more

The book of mind and soul

“So, who are you?” my girlfriend Kim asked. “I am John, your boyfriend”. Kim had just bought a spell book, and she wanted to try it. She asked me if I would allow her to try it on me, since I don’t believe in magic, I accepted. Read more

The birthday party

My friend Amy hated having her birthday celebrated at her office. “All the men want to hug me and kiss me” she said, “and I hate that! please please, go instead of me!” A few years ago we found a spellbook that would allow us to exchange bodies for a day. Exactly 24 hours later we would be back to our own bodies. Read more

Vicious cycle

John’s new body was sending him some confusing signals. His girlfriend turned him into a chick with her magic because she wanted to go dancing and John always hated it. Well now he was Jane and he actually kind of liked it. The baseline would thump and he’d shake and move his new body in ways that felt so primal, so good. Guys would come up and grind on him and he’d push back against them without thinking. Read more