caught cheating and sharing a magic lamp…

I’d wanted to cry and hide from the world after the shock of the genie and lamp vanishing and suddenly finding myself in this ridiculous, tiny, super slut body. I charged Brent when I heard him speak demanding my life and body back, but only able to let out a stream of sobs and little girl moans as I found myself balling like a baby instead of attacking.

“I’m like, not the stupid bimbo girlfriend… you know I’m like B.J., Biggens Jawblowmi, and my boyfriend has the big, hard dick that I used to use and I like, wanna have inside my mouth! You like, stole my dick and my life and I’m gonna’ like tell everyone and..” I rambled to myself, trying to make a plan but finding my mind slow and jumbled, thoughts losing cohesion and meaning as I realized that I’d had my IQ reduced by 40 points…leaving me with my actual mind trapped in the quicksand of this moronic airhead body.

I found Maxine’s bag she’d left under the bed when we’d fucked last weekend still thrown on the floor in the bathroom where Tori had dumped it, starting this whole ordeal. Id cheated on her plenty of times, and I felt like it made our relationship stronger. Sure, I’m the star quarterback at my college, so, naturally I have to date the hottest, smartest girl in the college on my arm, with her supermodel good looks, her first in class grades and her classy fashion sense… but, she won’t do the real kinky stuff I like in bed. In fact, she gets angry and says it’s insulting to ask any woman to do.

That’s why, when she leaves town for study projects, I usually hook up with a different kind of girl. Slutty. Strippers. Dumb. Horny. The bigger the bimbo the better. Tattoos, piercings, heavy make up,cheap hair, dumb as a rock, big old ass… oh and the bigger the tits the better! Silicon, big fat fake barbie bimbo tits… I wouldn’t be seen out in social circles with chick like that… but to make dress up in costumes, tie up, gag, walk on a leash, have fuck and suck and screw and spank and fuck their tits and mouth and ass like a horny porn star nympho slut? Hell yeah.

It always went fine too… until last weekend. I hooked up with Maxine, this chick that works at the coffee shop on campus, which is normally a rule I don’t break, no cheating with girls Tori know… but Max’s hot little outfits, and those big tits and those fat dick sucking lips… I couldn’t help it. Too bad I didn’t notice the bag with all her sex toys and sexy costumes was under our bed. Maybe I should have walked her out instead of telling her to be gone when I got out of the shower….

Tori found it and flipped, reading me the riot act, saying she wants me to move out (It’s my apartment!)… that’s when she threw Max’s bag at me, and as the french maid and cheerleader costumes fell out, then, a genie outfit I’d never seen before fell out as well, followed by a lamp. It rolled right between our feet and we both bent down, grabbing it at the same time.

Well, this is going to sound crazy, but it was a genie. A tiny, actual, real life fucking thought I was hallucinating genie, about a foot tall, floating in the air, was a muscular looking blue man with blue skin and levitating on a flying carpet. It laughed, and then said it would grant us three wishes each since we both seemed to be the owners.

I thought it was a joke or some kind of drug or crazy revenge Tori was pulling, so I grabbed the lamp and was going to throw it in the fire… she tried to knock me down and take it, but I easily pushed her aside and then used one of the pink handcuffs from Maxine’s bag (the ones I’d tied her to the bedframe with last weekend) and stuck Tori’s arm to the bedpost to keep her calmed down.

“Ugh!” She screamed furious when I refused to let her loose till she calmed down, and even more so when I started to take the lamp, which was clearly making her loose her mind, to the fireplace. She wrenched on the handcuff and howled with anger.

“I can’t believe you stuck this disgusting fuck toy on me you bastard! You used this with one of your silicon boobed sex doll bimbos? In our bed? And these stripper outfits? You pervert! I wish it was you who were cuffed and also dressed and trussed up and made just like you had your whores, and since you love this shit so much it should make you just as horny as you were doing it to them, as you become restrained and I become free!” She screamed.

My head swam, and suddenly Tori stood before me holding the lamp. I tried to move, but found that my legs were spread wide with a steel bar with two pink fuzzy leg manacles at each end. My hands, were cuffed behind my back and my clothes were gone… replaced with a skin tight, pink and white cheerleaders outfit that said “Blowjob Allstar” on the front. I writhed in pain as I felt the sting of the alligator clamps on each of my nipples, and then howled in anger, pain and humiliation as I felt a sudden vibration and realized that the vibrating butt plug shoved in my ass had just activated, as it would anytime I moved or lowered my ass so it wasn’t straight in the air. I was tied and dressed and done up exactly like I’d had Maxine’s hot,sexy body last weekend, which had made me crazy with lust and had her begging me to fuck her. Now Tori just stared and laughed as the genie waved his hand again smiling at me and speaking…

“The last part of her wish, a fitting lesson and curse, as his dominant male sexual fetish I reverse. Lust he would feel with a bound slut as his slave, but now he’ll find the submissive roll his body will crave!” He said as Tori laughed… I felt a tingling in my head.

For the next hour Tori made me tell her about each girl I’d cheated on her with, as she manipulated clamps, wax, vibrators… and as my anger built, I soon found that so did my lust!
I cursed her and the genie as my lust grew until, after an hour, she made me beg her to take off the cheerleader outfit, dress me as a sexy schoolgirl and then let me suck on a fucking dildo while she unhooked the restraints enough I could rub my cock on the bed and finally make my self cum while Tori and the genie laughed. She still had one wish left, but, she had sat back and started filming me with her phone,forgetting about it at the end of the bed.

I lunged, grabbing it! I had to stop her now… and I knew just what to do.
“For my first wish, I wish that Tori will always act like my girlfriend and will do anything I command her to do.” She tried to get up,but I threw my weight to the side and the bed bumped her chair knocking her to the floor before she could lunge at me. She struggled to get up, wanting to grab the lamp from me as I clutched it, still stuck in the handcuffs and ankle shackles… the genie clapped his hands and frowned…

“I’m sorry to do it but I must grant his demand, and now you will do whatever your boyfriend commands!” The genie said in a somber voice.

“Nooo!” She screamed.

“Stop talking, come over here, and suck my cock.” I said.

I laughed as her eyes widened and she calmly walked towards me, I rolled over and she pulled the pleated plaid skirt I wore up and wrapped her lips around my dick. She began to suck on the tip and her eyes glared up at me with anger. I couldn’t believe this! She would do anything I wanted!

“No, do it like your a really great porn star… use your tongue, bob your head, gag yourself on it… try and make it as sexy and dirty as possible, do everything you thought was disgusting about the act… oh, and act like you love it, moan and touch yourself and pretend to have a huge orgasm when you make me cum all over your tongue!” I said laughing, knowing how much she despised performing oral sex.

I layed back and relaxed, enjoying her sexy, moaning, enthusiastic blow job. I was a little bothered in the back of my mind that I was still wearing Maxine’s sexy school girl outfit and tied up, but the whole thing was making me so hot. I knew it was Tori’s fucking wish, but for now I just enjoyed it, loving every second until finally her moaning and whimpering increased as my cock started to spasm, and I moaned and shot my load down her mouth while she squealed onto my dick, bucking her hips as she finger fucked herself and pretended to have an orgasm. It would be so great not having to worry about getting her off, she could just pretend… or… wait. I though. I have a wish left, and so does she, but I can command her to undo the shit she did to me earlier… after I make some more changes to her.

“Genie, for my last wish, I wish that the following changes will be made when I say I am done with my list to make my wish that Tori was a sexier, easier going girlfriend for me… the kind of girl that I cheat on her with… so first, let’s double her sex drive, half her IQ… let’s see… make her voice high and whispery and make her talk like a slutty bimbo no matter what she’s actually trying to say…

and let’s make her body more that speed too.

How about we take 10 inches off, making her just about five feet tall, that should adjust that attitude. Then, let’s make her skin a deep fake orange tan, and make her ass and hips twice their size, and shrink her waist about 20%… oh yeah, let’s make her face less exotic and more, well, sexdoll… you know, big fat lips, O shaped mouth,big dumb eyes… bleached hair with stripes of black and pink… maybe make her face look about 15 years old if it wasn’t for the heavy slutty make up she always wears… and of course, if no one believes she’s 18 (her new age, I think it’ll be hotter if she’s younger than me) no 15 year old would be able to afford those tits… those big, huge, top of the line, barbie bimbo silicon tits, bigger than your head, so heavy it’s hard to walk… double D? No… double E? nah… fuck it… let’s make em double GG cups… oh and with big nipples that are always hard and so sensitive you can cum just from playing with them!”

My dick became hard again as each of my changes took effect, Tori shaking her head pleadingly for me to stop, until finally, the new Tori, who I decided spells her name “Torii” with two eyes and hearts on top (I told her to say that whenever she tells anyone her name) stood before me, squeezing into a playboy bunny outfit I’d told her to put on after finally freeing me from my shackles.

I laughed as she tried to talk walking around looking at her amazing body, her huge ass, her reduced height… and especially her gigantic, soccer ball sized fake tits.
“I’m like… my brain is all slow and you made me look like a sexy big booby babe! I can’t say the right stuff and these big, fat, fake fuck pillow funbags are like, so heavy and I can hardly walk cuz they bounce and jiggle and make guys dicks all hard!” She said, clearly frustrated but unable to do anything about it, her face only making a sexy pout instead of expressing the anger she had to be seething with inside her confused, intelligence reduced brain.

I lifted her skirt and commanded her to bed over, and, realized after rubbing her clean shaved pussy for only a few seconds she was soaping wet and bucking her hips… thanks to my increased sex drive I’d given her and the urge to act like a bimbo. I slid myself into her, her pussy was so tight I actually started to cum instantly and she started moaning. I looked down and realized I was still wearing the stupid fucking school girl outfit, and it made me even hornier… then I remembered I need to make Torii wish me back to normal. As I came I realized that Torii had bent over the bed and her big huge tits had trapped the magic lamp between them.

“Oh god… genie I like wish that like, I was smart and like said what to do, and like you know, the big smart man, and like, that meanie was stuck like this seeing how not nice it is…”

The genie smiled as I fumbled for the lamp and then screamed for Torii to unwish it… but it was too late.

“The last wish for you both might not be what either would choose, Tori wearing the pants and Brent in high heeled shoes, You can access when needed his life and his mind, while his sexist male fantasy controls his new female mind. His IQ reduced, his male mind stuck in limbo now she will learn her new place as a airheaded bimbo! The last wish takes effect as I this spell comes to a stop, and then boyfriend and girlfriend, their bodies they’ll swap!”

“You will always play the part of the bimbo party girl, Torii,with two eyes. You will always call yourself a girl and refer to me as a man and your boyfriend, Brent, and you will be unable to speak about what happened with the genie. You will do your best to play the part of Torii Biggens Jablowski, which is your new identity that we will have my old name legally changed to, and that way you can ditch my old name and start going by “B.J.” so I don’t have to see you using my name. You will act best you can as my bimbo girlfriend, even though you will know who you really are inside.”

That was 10 am this morning. It’s now midnight.

“Torii, come on babe, get on that new bikini, we’re gonna go meet Jen and Pete and a few other couples for a midnight swim!”

I winced, and the elastic strap on the bra snapped, clasp giving way as it shot across the room.

“Oh poo!” I said, trying to yell out fuck in my frustration, but a breathy, high pitched whisper coming from my mouth instead, and my swear changing to a ridiculous bimbo talk.

I’d spent the day with no bra, only a tiny pink tank top that said “oversized load” on it, stretched so tight across these huge fake tits that you could see every jiggle and bounce as they swung and swayed with each of my mincing, hip swaying, super feminine steps. My back ached from the weight, each of the silicon monsters bigger than my head so huge on my tiny five foot one frame that every single person who saw me stared, men’s eyes unable to stop fucking me in their minds, my skimpy, ultra slutty skin tight clothes showing off every ridiculous curve and sex doll wet dream inch of my body, constantly causing me to blush from embarrassment as I Brent forced me to spend hours in public today, constantly aware of the lustful stares, giggling and rude comments that follow every where I go.

Brent had taken me to the mall, making me jiggle my braless tits through the food court,passed the arcade where the nerds I used to always make fun of all stared and took photos with their phones, while Brent smiled down at me as we walked. I heard a loud hoot and looked over to the left, and saw the IT guy from my dorm, an overweight nerd with thick glasses that I called “porky” and had actual punched a couple times in the arm so hard he had to wear a brace because I caught him looking at girls I was with. Now, he was standing in the arcade, smiling and waving as he blatantly filmed me, my huge tits bouncing and my hips and ass swaying side to side, as his friends whistled and laughed.

“You recognize him?” Brent asked.

“Like… yeah… Porky… the computer fixy guy. He’s like a total nerd!” I said,trying to sound pissed but my voice, which Brent had commanded me to only raise to a loud whisper as punishment for screaming at him earlier in the day, was totally unable of sounding mad, and instead sounded like a phone sex operator with a baby talk lisp.

“His name isn’t Porky… you teased him and picked on him. Remember? I made you know it off when we started dating?” He said, grinning.

“Like… yeah I guess so… but like he was always not like, re…re…spect… kissing my big, sexy ass like I liked, and also he like, would wanna’ talk to the sexy, sluts I’d have over…” I rambled, biting my lip with frustration at the way my words were twisted and scrambled.

“Well, I’m going to go get some new clothes for my new body. I want you to do the same… but first I want youto go get an ice cream cone from the food court, then go into the arcade and find out what his real name is. It’ll be like your making it up to him for all the bullying and teasing! Then, as your reward, you’re going to go to Victoria’s Secret and find out what size bra you need and try and buy one, making sure it’s the sexiest, sluttiest one you can find. Then those fake tits wont bounce around quite as much and maybe keep us from getting asked to leave the mall if familys start complaining!” Brent said. Then, he slapped my ass and told me to make sure and eat the ice cream as slow as possible, but don’t let a single drop get wasted, even if it spills or melts.

I whimpered, realizing I’d just been standing staring into space remembering earlier evens of the day, frustrated that, while Brent had been showering, I’d had a chance to escape, but, since I was only wearing tiny, high cut panties, I had to get dressed and I got so distracted that id almost wasted my entire chance to get away!

Victoria’s secret had spent almost an hour sizing me, and trying to find a bra, the girls confused that I didn’t know the size of my own huge, clearly fake tits, asking ift hey were new and if I’d meant to get them that big. I’d told them that my boyfriend picked them out and I just liked to make him happy as I tried to squeeze into a purple, lacy EE cup bra, but it wouldn’t clasp. The ended up ordering me a GG cup bra, and I bought a tank top that seemed to help keep them in place a bit, although it smooshed them together and made my cleavage so deep and stick out so far I couldn’t see my feet or the ground, and every person I talked to never once looked at my face or eyes.

Hearing Brent still running the shower, I tried to squeeze into Maxine’s bra (her tits were amazing and huge, me and my best friend Pete always wanted to know how big they were), and, looking at the bra, I saw the tag and read that it was a double DD cup… which was much to small for me. I cursed the genie and that life stealing bitch again, realizing that these stupid, gigantic basketballs I had hanging from me where four sizes bigger than fucking Maxine’s huge tits, realizing how I must look like a hooker or a gang bang porn star to everyone who sees me as I tried to put on a button up white top, but the buttons wouldn’t reach… then I found a skin tight playboy bunny sleeveless top… it was tight, and sleeveless, but it fit. I moaned as the pink fabric brushed my nipples and they popped up, erect and hard through my top, my hands clutching my tits as my pussy began to feel warm.

“Oh this sexy, horny body makes me act like such a naughty, naughty silly slut!” I said, trying to tell myself that it’s not really me and just concentrate past the stupid supercharged sex drive I was stuck with… but as I’d found all day, trying with all my might to fight the horrible wishes forced on me, so far, it was useless to resist. I looked down and remembered I only had on tiny, high cut panties, and needed pants, and then, seeing myself in the mirror, decided first off to fix my lipstick, which I’d re-applied after my ice cream, but had only taken a few minutes, and wanted to make sure I spent the full time to get them just perfect before I tried to escape, and hopefully find that lamp again so I could fix all of this.

As I carefully coated my pink lips in “cotton candi kisses” lip stick, I remembered going in the arcade, realizing that Brent had made me eat an ice cream cone like I was putting on a sex show, licking it as slow as possible, but anytime a drop ran down my arm, my hand, or into my cleavage, wiping it up with a finger and sucking it off my long pink fingernails, or, even worse, licking it right off of my arm or hand…or once,without thinking, almost raising my cleavage up and licking the ice cream right off of my gigantic left breast.

I’d then introduced myself as B.J. to Elliot (Porky’s real name) and soon found myself trying to play street fighter IV with him and his friends, which I was actually pretty good at, but the controls and screen and words were so confusing, and then I realized the guys were all laughing and staring because I was just jerking my hand up and down the joystick instead of moving it… I blushed when they told me how it works and hated the giggle that came out of me when I heard myself explain that I’d accidentally started jerking it up and down instead of stroking it side to side, but sometimes people liked both.

When I met back up with my boyfriend (ugh I keep thinking of that thief as my boyfriend more and more!) he said I’d done a great thing and made up for tormenting all those geeks, because now, tonight they’d all be going home and jerking off like horny maniacs thinking about my big tits, the way I licked the ice cream and jacked off the video game, and how they’d all filmed me playing dance dance revolution, my tits and ass shaking as I gyrated my hips to the music. He told me he bet’s that a slut like me gets turned making guys have to jerk off. I wondered if any of the guys in the arcade were doing that? Watching a video of this slutty, nympho 18 year old body and stroking their big, hard dicks… imagining my hand wrapped around it, there hands going up my shirt to touch my huge, sensitive tits.

“What’s up you little minx?” Brent yelled from right behind me causing me to jump. He laughed as I quickly pulled my hand out of my panties, and pretended to be adjusting my lipstick. I tried not to react to his stares, knowing he’d caught me feeling myself up and rubbing my clit… horrified that I’d been doing that, and wasted my entire window to get away from him!

“What were you thinking about when you were touching yourself a second ago?” Brent asked, as brushed my long hair off my shoulder. He’d commanded me to always answer any question he asks as truthfully as possible, but still I tried to resist, not wanting to admit the answer to myself… but, feeling the wetness growing between my legs, knowing what I’d spaced out thinking about.

“I…uh…like..wasn’t… I wasn’t meaning to but I started to wonder if those cute, nerdy guys at the video games place were thinking about today… and like, then I was like… wondering and my hands just started to touch my tits cuz like I’m so hot and I’m turned on…” I tried desperatly to lie and claim I was a man trapped inside this walking wet dream, getting off to myself.

“I’m turned on thinking about how some guys look at me… I like, feel all weird and excited ‘cuz like dicks getting hard and… oh… please… I can’t think!” I pleaded, my pussy throbbing suddenly.

I’d been stuck in this body since ten am this morning, and now, it was almost midnight, and my willpower wasn’t getting better,it was getting worse! I’d gotten turned on looking at myself in the mirror at least ten times, and after a few hours, even explored between my legs, the thing I wanted to ignore… but I hadn’t gotten this turned on and flustered! Brent laughed, and told me too bad she was gay, her female mind still attracted to men (another humiliation, knowing she would be openly dating and acting as a homosexual man, ruining my reputation and life that I wanted back so desperatly.

Soon, I found myself in a tiny incredibly revealing bikini, at the lake with my boyfriend, my best friend from when I was a man, my other buddy walter and a friend of his from out of town, a tall dark skinned black guy in his early twenties with cute eyes a big, strong arms.

I tried to stay on the shore and hide behind a small bush and pretend to sleep, but soon Brent came over and said I should come out and go hang with the girls. I moaned, and then he told me to do whatever I could to make myself fit in and seem like one of them.

To my horror, not only was Jen and Alexa there, but also Maxine, the girl I’d cheated on Torii with, but also Rachel, a curvy, super hot asian girl I’d dated for a few months last year.
I was humiliated as I was introduced to each of them, realizing I was the shortest girl there, looking up at chicks that I used to be able to lift and throw as I fucked them. They asked if I wanted some wine coolers, and,even though they had beer that looked great, i found myself say I’d love a wine cooler.

I giggled and laughed as they talked, and, when my tits came up, told the humiliating bra shopping story, and again said that I’d gotten them this big for an old boyfriend.

“So you’re moved in with and dating Brent?” Rachel asked, her sexy eyes focusing on me as she tossed back her long black hair. I was ready to say I just a friend…

Soon, I realized Brent’s order to act like one of the girls and fit in was far more powerful than I’d realized. They had all talked about guys and their boyfriends… so suddenly I found myself saying that I’d moved in as a friend, but I wanted more and we were into each other…

Maxine laughed, and said Brent isn’t in to any chick longer than it takes to cum, even one with tits as big as yours. I laughed, but felt humiliated as Maxine and Rachel told stories about how I always wanted to tie them up, but, despite my big cock, rarely bothered to make either of them cum and often fell asleep instead of fucking them again. For some reason, without thinking I tried to defend myself.

“Well, like… I think he’s fucking hot, and I bet he’s good with that cock of his…” I muttered, realizing what I was saying and trying to stop but unable…

“You’ve been there all weekend and haven’t messed around?” Rachel said with a surprised gasp.

“Holy shit girl, the way you look, I can’t buy that. That horndog normally is making a girl suck him off before she’s in the front door!” She said, and all the girls laughed as I blushed.

“Well, like maybe he’s being nice… or like we don’t wanna rush…” my bimbo voice stammered.

“If you want to hook that guy, at least long enough for a summer fling like I’m doing with Walter. It’ll be fun, having a guy to hang with… sure, Brent’s a cocky jerk, but he’ll fuck you good. You should go suck his dick, he’ll be into you for at least a few weeks if you do it real good. That’s what I’d do… plus, he’s pretty good at eating pussy, and he’ll owe ya!”

That was five minutes ago. Brent was surprised when I asked him to follow me for a second, and when I dropped to my knees, the former woman asked what I was doing.

“Please… I don’t wanna say…” I begged as I looked up at her big, strong male body.

“Tell me.” She commanded.

“I’m fitting in with the girls. They all have flings going on, and were teasing me that we haven’t hooked up yet, so Maxine and Rachel…told.. me to come… give you a blow job…” I said, trying to stop the words.

Brent seemed awkward for a second, until the female mind inside let go and the male libido and body took over, and my slutty, fuck toy body did it’s trick. At first I was hesitant, unzipping his pants, and then slowly reaching in, but then Brent stopped me for a second, and then, asked if I remembered that girl with the tattood arms and the purple hair at that music fest I camped out at last year.

Surprised, I said yes. Brent said he did too, since he could access all my memories whenever he wanted. He knew what I knew… that girl gave the best blow job I’d ever had.

“Give me a better one than that… and play with your pussy while you do it. I’m getting tired, but your gonna’ stay and party, flirt as hard as you can, and do whatever you need to do to lose our virginity to that big, cute black guy… and you’re gonna’ cum all over his big, hard dick when he takes your cherry!” He said as I moaned, deep throating his whole, once my, 8 inch cock and trying to ignore the sudden need my body felt… the need to lose my virginity.


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