In a Snap!

“I definitely got ripped off…” I said, staring down at my still-tiny breasts. “Those growth pills should have kicked in by now… And I took pretty much the whole bottle, so what’s the holdup?” I snapped my fingers. Nothing. I tried again. Still nothing.
“Yeah, I didn’t really think that would work,” I said frowning. Another snap, and still nothing. Snap snap snap. The instructions for the pills didn’t say I had to “snap to activate” or anything, but I was getting a bit desperate, and it was kinda fun.
Snap snap snap. I started to feel a weird pressure in my chest. “I think it’s starting to work!”
I put my arms out to my side, and snapped my fingers on both hands. Suddenly, my chest rocketed forward, the rest of my body pulled forward by the momentum as waves of pleasure flew through my body.
The next wave followed in the blink of an eye, ballooning my chest out even further, the pleasure getting even more intense.
The final push came seconds after the second, swelling my breasts forwards to their new size. The pleasure mounted, and I orgasmed as my hands flew to grasp my new chest.
When I had calmed, I looked down at my new girls. “Woah,” I said. “I went from a flat chest, to flat-out jugs!” I looked at my reflection in the mirror in front of me. My shirt was so strained it completely failed to cover anything below my tits, leaving my midriff totally, and kinda sexily, exposed.
“Guess I should go out and buy you two some bras, huh?” I said, fondling my new boobs as I stood up and walked to the door, my new breasts wiggling with a pleasant feeling I had never felt before with my old chest.
I had gone from a flat-chested nothing, to a big titted bombshell, and all in a snap!


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