Can’t miss the opportunity

Joe was looking around at various TG capping sites, looking for something new. This lead him far from the well trodden places into the darker corners of the internet, and Joe was glad his anti-virus software was up to date.

Finally finding a series of nice caps, he was happy. At the end of the series though, was something claiming to be a spell to turn the reader into a girl. Joe rolled his eyes, but as part of the fantasy in his head he decided to read it anyways, imagining turning into a girl as he did.

There was a puff of smoke all around him suddenly and Joe looked down. To his amazement, he saw a pair of tits.

Looking down at his tits made him hornier than he could ever imagine, His sweatpants had been turned into yoga pants, and he reached down and patted his crotch, feeling the new flat space there. He started to rub it and felt nervous. It was so strange, but so good! He was really a girl! Would he be stuck this way?

He knew he should be freaking out. He knew he should be looking for a way to reverse this. He knew he should be checking the spell to see if there were some cliched catch that would leave him stuck this way.

But there was just no way he could stop himself from taking advantage of this opportunity first…


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