Empty chain

Helen came home after a joyous day at work in her husband Kevin’s hunk of a body. “Honey, I’m home!” she called, but she received no answer. “Kev? Hun?”

A gentle sob was all she heard from the bedroom. Rushing over there, she gave her former body a hug, feeling powerful and protective as she felt her husband’s chest heaving and his soft breasts and silky hair pushing against her. “Kev, what’s wrong, honey?” Helen asked.

“This,” Kevin said, holding in both hands what looked like an empty chain. Wait a sec, was that what she thought it was? Helen gasped.

“Oh my God, that’s Sophia’s chain, the one holding the medallion I borrowed from her to experience being a man! Where is the medallion that was on it? We can’t change back if it’s gone and there’s…why’s there just an empty chain? It couldn’t possibly have fallen off!” Helen said, her heart fluttering. She sat down, out of breath.

Kevin felt ridiculous as he stood there in Helen’s heels and her flimsy white nightgown while watching his former body hyperventilate. Taking a deep breath, he felt Helen’s tits rise and her brown hair tickling his ears, neck, and shoulders. They were his now, like it or not. He swallowed and prepared to accept some basic life changes. (Okay, I’m Helen, I’m Helen now) she thought.

“KEVIN,” she said, addressing her husband. His body former looked up, blowing his nose and confused, and asked, “Kev, what did you just call me?”

“I called you Kevin. I’m Helen, you silly man,” she said. “Look, I’ve searched the house all day. The medallion is gone, stolen, lost somewhere, I dunno. But since we’re gonna be stuck as each other, I’m your wife, and you might as well man up and stop feeling sniffling. Because I have another important piece of news to relate to you,” she said, and took a deep breath and gripping her husband’s hand.

“I’m pregnant,” Helen said. “You’re gonna be a daddy.” Kevin wept tears of shock, maybe mixed with joy?


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