Make Sure to Donate

This use to be Jake, just your regular normal guy. Until one day, he pissed off the wrong witch. He was just walking around the mall minding his own business when he walked into one of his favorite stores. As he was browsing the store, he found the item he was looking for and proceeded to check out.

As he paying for his stuff, the clerk told him that the store was running a charity drive for woman’s health issues. Jake declined however. The clerk then pressed him and told him that was for a good cause and could possibly help members of her family. Unfortunately Jake then told the clerk he didn’t believe in charity and he refused to donate.

This enraged the clerk and little did he know that the clerk was a witch. But the clerk was sly and while she was ringing him up, she enchanted his credit card under her breath, that way when she handed the card back to him, he would take on the curse his card now carried. She believed he just didn’t understand what it was like to be a woman, so she gave him a little challenge through the curse. Over the next 7 days, he would become more and more female until eventually on the 7th day, he would fully female in both body and mind. If he could avoid having sex in this form throughout the week and especially on the 7th day when he would have no male control over himself and be thinking fully female, the curse will change him back. But if he has sex at any point, the curse is permanent.

It is now day 7 and Jennifer here is now seductively licking her lips at the guy that she hooked up with and that she’s about to give a blowjob to and have some fun with all night long. The clerk sensed this and knew that Jake was gone and that Jennifer is here to stay. Well, the clerk thought, at least she’ll now be inclined to donate.


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