Candy 4

The next day, the man had left. “What a night that was” my friend said, “I don’t think I want to ever be a man again”. I smiled, I did enjoy my time as a woman too. But I wanted to try to be a man one last time. So I stood up, and walked towards my purse. “Last blue candy” I said; well last candy I had here, but the rest are at my place.

“Care for more sex?” I asked her, “She nodded and smiled”. I started chewing the blue candy, this time, it did taste good. I felt myself get taller, and stronger, I saw my breasts revert back into a pecs. My pussy exploded, revealing an erect cock. I walked towards her, still transforming into a man. My hair was getting shorter, and the rest of my body was becoming masculine. “Your hawt” she said, “I want you inside of me! now!”.

She spread her legs wide open, revealing a wet pussy, inviting me in. “Oh wait” she said, “I want to try something”. She then got on all fours, and started licking my equipment. She was great at it, I tried to contain, but she was so good, that I came. I saw her swallow it. Even though I came, I still had energy for more. She got on her back, and spread her legs again, “now, you can come in” she said. And so I did. We had sex for hours. It was great. She moaned and moaned. By the end of it, we were sweaty and exhausted.

I looked back at what was my purse, I saw a pink candy inside of it. I really enjoyed being a man again. But I don’t know, I might one to revert back to a woman soon.


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