The last touch

“Stand still for a couple of seconds, Kurt”, Kurt´s mother asked of her transformed son.

“But moooom! I´m getting a groove here. Have you seen all the admiring stares from all of the people? I`m gonna be popular!”, he grinned. “See those big guys over there? They will do practically anything I ask of them”.

“Yes you will honey, but you need to behave the way you look”, Carla said to her now, very, extroverted son.

“That´s boring”, he pouted.

“Stand still, I´ve got something here to help you out”. Carla put the necklace around the neck of her taller son.

With the necklace around his neck Kurt blinked a couple of times to clear his head.
Carla gave him an excpectant smile. “How do you feel?”

“I feel perfectly fine, mother.”
“Ugh, how could I think I wanted to spend time with those brutes over there?”, Karen asked herself when seeing the group of men doing cat calls to her.
“You know what mother? Let´s just relax and spend our time together in peace, just us two girls”

Her mother overjoyed clapped her hands together. She finally had the daughter she always had wanted.


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