My friend

To think he was against it, and now look at him, a girl eager to please a man. “Fuck my brains out” she yelled. I continued thrusting in and out, she was moaning like the crazy whore she now was.

It wasn’t always like that. She used to be my friend Bob. But one day, for no reason at all, he woke up in the body of a girl. He was still at his place, but he was a girl. He said he didn’t know what to do, so he called me, asking for help. I didn’t believe him at first, but after talking with him for a while, I realized it was either an elaborate prank, or the girl I was talking to was really Bob.

I drove to his place, but not after buying some clothes for him. After all, he didn’t have any girl clothes. He refused to wear them, but I insisted he couldn’t go out dressed like a guy. In the meantime we came up with a new name for him, “Beth”. Days, weeks even months went by, we looked everywhere for a solution, but had no luck. I did notice, he was getting accustomed to his new self. One night, after I got to his place after work, he was watching a chick flick. He paused the movie, like if I had caught him watching porn or something, he blushed. “dude?” I asked. “I don’t think you should be calling me that anymore, it’s been so long. Get used to it, call me Beth” he said, “I am a she”.

“Very well… Beth… get dressed, we are going on a date then” I said jokingly. I didn’t expect her to agree, but she did. Dinner went alright, but she did get a little drunk. I drove her home, and she kissed me. “Thank you! we should do this again sometime” she said.

The next day, when I got to her place. She was dressed like a sluty school girl. “Bo…. I mean Beth… are you ok?” I asked. “Never better” she said, after hugging me. “I have been a bad girl” she said, “Spank me”. I found it kind of weird, but I did and she giggled. “Harder!” she demanded. But I didn’t do what she asked, I grabbed one of her breasts, and felt her nipples erect. “Wow! that’s much better” she said. Few minutes later, we were at her room. Her legs wide open, my cock, inside of her. She was moaning, asking for more, telling me she loves me. “Fuck my brains out” she said.

The whole thing was perfect, we started dating. And soon, we got married. You can see from the pic we had unprotected sex. So I bet you know by now she is pregnant. She looks so happy rubbing her pregnant belly all the time.


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