Blushing bride

An accidental brush with his fiance Vicki’s medallion while Bradley was cleaning out the old jewelry box caused Bradley to transform into an exact copy of his fiance Vicki’s body. Coming out of the bathroom, Vicki was shocked to see a twin standing bewildered and wearing Bradley’s now ill-fitting clothes, but she quickly regained her composure.

“Good heavens, this is my fault, sweetheart!” Vicki said, “I knew you were cleaning our bedroom in preparation for tomorrow’s wedding, and I forgot that I’d left my matching bridal underwear set next to my secret magical stash. It appears you’ve touched them together. I should’ve warned you, but I’ve always been hesitant to reveal the existence of my magic to you…I was afraid that you’d be frightened of marrying a ‘witch.'”

Bradley sat down on the chair and said slowly: “So…if I can be transformed into ‘you,’ then you can become changed into ‘me’ as well? And it’s reversible?”

“Yes to both,” answered Vicki, “But I’m afraid you cannot change back before 12 hours from now. I’m sorry, sweetie, it’s not enough time before tomorrow morning’s wedding ceremony. Maybe we should we postpone?”

Bradley shook his head and said: “No. I love you. We’re still getting married, honeybuns, even if that means I have to have your honey and your buns. Start changing right away, and then you can teach me how to dress up as practice for tomorrow. We’ll do this right. I feel a bit ridiculous wearing my dusty old clothes over your body; they’re too big for me now, anyway,” he said, discarding his jeans and T-shirt.

Vicki picked the jeans up and touched them to the medallion. Soon she was an exact copy of Bradley, and she helped him slip on the silky white underclothes piece by piece with a spritz of perfume and heels while she dressed in his clothes. “You look lovely, sweetheart,” Vicki said.

Bradley blushed and smiled as he replied, “Actually, it’s YOU who are lovely. But I have to admit that this does feel exciting. I’m open to new experiences. Could we now put on the wedding dress? And now that the secret of your magic is out, in the future could we…I mean, possibly…experiment?”

Vicki’s eyes went wide as she realized the possibilities. “Oh yes, yes we can!” Vicki said. They were a happy couple.


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