Blonde Bimbo Sentencing

Ted (left), you are now Tessa Tanks, Sebastian (middle left), you are now Selena Supersize, Ronald (middle right), you are now Rhonda Rack, and Quinton (right), you are now Quanifa Queensize. I hope you can all do well in your new lives as busty blonde bimbo stripper escorts. You all mistreated the women at our stripper escort brothel, so now you will work here, and yes this is permanent, so get used to having those wonderful jugs on your sexy new chests!

Quanifa said, “Like, oh my gosh, I’m like a huge boob woman now. Also, um, like I think something is on my legs, but it looks the same color as my legs, like I think I’m like wearing hose thingies or something maybe?”

At that point, Patrick the owner knew the bimbo part had worked nicely.


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