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Big Green Monster

My girlfriend and I had decided to use the magic remote to enter the Avengers movie. Hers and my biggest celebrity crushes were Robert Downey Jr an Scarlett Johanson respectively, so Avengers seemed like the natural choice. The plan was to jump into the movie towards the end after the world was saved and have a wild night of sex in Stark Tower. Read more

Oh Yes!!!

Well, I got up this morning with nothing to do but I waned to do something different. I reached over by the TV and grabbed the remote to see what was on. Wait, This remote looks different…a lot of different buttons…Wonder what this one will do… Wow!!! I’ve got long blonde hair!!! That’s nice, I was thinning on top! Let’s see what this one does…Ooops, that one changed my shirt and pants into a black dress…Let me see if I can change it back…OMG!!!! I’m A Woman!!! A busty sexy woman!!! Not bad..but I need to be me again… Let me hit this one…Like …. OMG…I’m just like…I need to go shopping to get something to wear tonight! Where are my shoes???

Remote control fun

Nathan bought a magic remote with the intent of having some good fun. He was told that it could transform bodies. He soon experimented on himself.
He decided to experiment via making himself female. He selected the female hair option and directed it towards himself.
His hair sprouts out to long brunette waves that are tied back.
He then decides to have feminine legs.
His leg muscle as well as hair diminishes and smooth delicate female legs replace.
Nathan pressed the button by accident but Nathan now has a vagina instead of a penis.
Nathan decides that he needs an ass so his lower body can be complete.
His ass plumps to become a soft feminine ass.
Next came breasts and face and with other minor details Nathan was now Natalie.
Natalie decided she needed new clothes so she pointed the remote towards her closet.
Natalie now had enough skirts, lingerie, shoes and dresses to make any girl jealous.
Natalie was unsure of how long she would remain herself but she wants to give it a fair try and have a bit of fun.


Oh Daaave. Look what I’ve got. You were careless Dave and now I’ve got the magic remote. That’s right. The same magic remote you used to transform you room mate into your nympho girl friend. Now I’m going to use it on you Dave. That’s right. I’m giving you a bigger cock and more stamina!

Wrong Remote

Carol sat down on the couch and reached for the remote on the coffee table. In the other room, Mark stood, looking at himself in the mirror.
“Carol is going to love this,” he said, admiring his new six-pack. He loved his wife and knew that she worked hard every day at the hospital, so he planned on surprising her when she got home with a rock-star stud body he gave himself from the magic remote.
“I’m telling you Mark, you are rip—” *CLICK*. His words were interrupted by a sudden shift in his body. His height fell by almost a foot!
“What the—” *CLICK* His hair poured down as one beautiful, wavy brunette piece.
*CLICK* His new abs faded away to create a perfectly flat stomach. *CLICK* His body hair disappeared revealing smooth, tan skin.
“WHY WON’T THE REMOTE WORK, MARK??” Carol screamed from the other room.
*CLICK* *CLICK* *CLICK* Mark felt a panic as his soft skin reshaped to a more feminine form. His ass exploded, his hips widened and his waist shrunk. Beautiful breasts erupted from his chest. His face was that of a beautiful woman. Even his dick was gone, replaced with a soft, shaven pussy.
*CLICK* His entire body shifted, becoming even softer and smoother. He was younger, eighteen it seemed. He had a tan line along his hips of a thong.
“CAROL!” She shrieked, like a girl. “THAT’S THE WRONG REMO—” *Click*
Everything went blank.
“MOM SHUT UP I’M TRYING TO GET READY. OH MY GODDDD” Macy yelled back. Why was her mom always such a bitch????

Pretty Floral Dress

“So let me get this straight,” Mike pinches his nose, “You want me to just believe that your !clearly-just-a-tv-remote! tv remote changes people. Is that what your saying?”
“Then no.”
“What? Come on!” Steve looks at his remote. “Let me prove it!”
Steve smiles. “You’ve been wearing a pretty floral dress…for like the last 5 minutes…”
Mike looks down, moving his shoulder length auburn hair to see his breasts encased in the pretty floral dress Steve described. The fact that he was a guy and didn’t have boobs, long hair, or a vagina 5 minutes ago didn’t register. “WOAH! NOT COOL!” He shouts in a voice much higher than normal, though that doesn’t seem to click either.
“Which part?”
“The floral dress! Also the 5 minutes but the floral dress especially!”
“Wanna know the best part?”
“This is clearly the worst part!” Mike was ready to slap his friend.
“What is your name and occupation?”
“Melissa Paige, Live-in Maid.” Mike, now Melissa, goes bug-eyed. “What the fuck did you do to me, Master?!” Realizing what she said, Melissa slowly backs away, supremely afraid.
Steve isn’t even looking at Melissa. “Wow, this remote is amazing.” Steve looks up. “Oh yeah, stay there.” Melissa freezes in place. “I guess I’ll make you aware of your changes, but let’s make some more first: 1. A strong attraction to me, 2. up your boobs to D’s, 3. You get sexual satisfaction from the orders I’ve made you follow, aaaand 4. a hatred of conservative clothing! That should do the trick!” Steve looked back to Melissa. “Any last words?”
“Fuck you!” His voice trembled with hatred
“Oh don’t worry,” Steve pushed enter, “you most certainly will.”

Remote Vacation

I marveled at the massive size of my tits, on display, contained only by this huge bikini top made of material thick enough to accommodate their weight. I was walking on the beach and had to stop when I became self conscious my chest jiggling and bouncing with every step, people watching me the whole time. Read more

Bryce, star jock to slut cheerleader – magicremote

“Yeah Kevin, a magic remote! You come up with some stupid lies over the years but seriously? You drug me out of the weight room and all way back to the gym for this?” I said, not really clear why I even agreed to come down here. He just gave me a weird smile. Read more