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Demon Puberty VI

Previous Chapters (and mini-summaries):
1: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26682
(I turned into a succubus that eats manhood, turning victims to girls)
2: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26722
(I went to school hungry, ate my econ teacher, and my body changed more)
3: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26733
(I turned into my own harem and had an orgy with 5 new victims)
4: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26743
(A bi partner turns me into a dickgirl and I blow him, then tear her up)
5: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26797
(I become a slave to a Selkie, nearly make him my slave, but he won) Read more

Poison Ivy’s Victory

“Ha! And they call you the World’s Greatest Detective? You fell for the most obvious bait ever! I didn’t even abduct that little girl! It was just a ruse!” Poison Ivy mocked as she danced around the plant cocoon that encased Batman. Read more

Big Green Monster

My girlfriend and I had decided to use the magic remote to enter the Avengers movie. Hers and my biggest celebrity crushes were Robert Downey Jr an Scarlett Johanson respectively, so Avengers seemed like the natural choice. The plan was to jump into the movie towards the end after the world was saved and have a wild night of sex in Stark Tower. Read more

The Centurion

My name was Marcus Longinus and I was a centurion in Caesar’s 3rd legion. We had been campaigning for two years deep in Gaul, fighting the Germanic tribes along the Rhine River. Being away from Rome for so long, we soldiers sought comfort where ever we could find it and woe be any local girl foolish or slow enough to fall into our clutches. I had taken a squad to investigate the report of a village near our line of march when I spotted what I was sure was a young female hiding in the bushes. Not being in a sharing mood, I sent my men ahead with the promise to catch up later. When they were out of sight, I sprung into the brush and out flushed a golden hair girl. She tried to run but was no match for my speed and I soon had her in my grip. Up close, she was even more beautiful than I thought. Despite her struggling, I ripped her clothing off. The sight of her nakedness set a fire in my loins. Her begging fell on deaf ears. I would have her. I threw her down, fell between her legs and took her all in one motion. From the time I enter her, she never made a sound, but stared at my face. I was soon spent and stood, intending to leave her laying in the dirt. As I turned to leave, she was standing before me, again fully clothed. Her eyes seemed to flash and I felt as if I was being consumed by fire. Through my pain, I heard her speak in perfect clear Latin. You are a be-spoiler of women and have dared to defile a Druid priestess. Freya has heard my plea for vengeance. You shall become a vessel for the lusts of others of your ilk. But know this, one year from today, you true punishment will begin.” With those words, I mercifully passed out. Male voices woke me. I looked up to see my men had found me. “Well, Well, Look what we have here. Where did you come from girly?” Girly? I tried to speak but nothing came out. One of the men grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. That’s when I realized I had changed. I was a girl! Young but in the first flush of womanhood. Heavy full breasts and wide hips. My head barely came to the shoulders of the shortest of the soldiers. In rising panic, I looked at my men and could see the lust in their eyes. Again I tried to speak. To tell them who I was, but I was mute. Then my men raped me. Each one, from the oldest veteran to the newest recruit. Each time it felt like I was being impaled on a red hot iron. I tried to scream but only soft moans came out. “Listen to the whore moan men, she really likes it.” When they had finished, I lay bruised and broken. Blood and semen leaking down my legs. A rope was placed around my neck and I was led away. A trophy. I was barely conscious when we reached camp and was chained to a wagon wheel for safe keeping. As I lay under the wagon, waiting for sleep, I prayed to the gods to die. When I awoke the next morning, the cuts, the bruises and the blood were all gone. Somehow in the night my body was healed. The days became endless. I was passed around camp. I was taken repeatedly, I was the prize at dice games, I was fought over, I was used and abused. and every morning I was whole again. The only constant was the pain and my unshaken belief that inside this weak female body, I WAS A MAN! We had made winter camp when the officers discovered me and took me for their use. They were no better than the soldiers, if anything they could be more cruel. One in particular, delighted in tormenting me until my deeply hidden male pride caused me to lash out at him. As punishment, I was chained to a post on the edge of camp. A sign proclaiming me free to anyone who wanted to use me. Soldiers, teamsters, stable boys and just camp followers all made use of me. Through rain, snow and cold I was chained to the post. Many nights I knew I would freeze to death but each morning I awoke renewed. When I was finally released, I was much subdued. Being taken was still painful and repugnant to my male ego, but to survive the repugnant is sometimes necessary. For example, a cooks assistant would give me extra food in exchange for certain favors. I learned if I was especially nice, sometimes I could share a warm bed on a cold night. To make my self more desirable, I learned new skills such as some of the older men liked me to use my mouth and some of the men, who probably preferred boys, wanted to use my bottom. Even though I received no pleasure, I became quit skilled in bringing pleasure to men. Eventually winter ended and spring began and in its turn summer followed. Then one warm afternoon , I was brought to the head quarters compound where an officer ordered I be bathed, fed and clothed. I was then presented to the great general, Caesar himself. It seems my reputation had reached even his lofty heights. I began by using all the

Magic rape

It was a late night after my best friend’s bday party after that he wanted to ask me something so we went out the back he just started raping me and I turn into his girlfriend Jess he said he wanted to marry me and I SAID YES!!!!!!!