Lose a Friend

Carly was kneeling before her friend Ian’s cock, and was about to suck it.

She had a feeling this was going to happen since she got changed into a women. She was born a man named Paul, and had known Ian since they where really young. They had had other friends and good friends at that, but eventually they all fell ways. Some just drifted, some they intentionally exiled and some thought Paul and Ian just were not worth the effort. The two spent most evening together, but neither was gay and they just stayed friends.

That changed after Paul got a job at Diluclo Lapsum LLC and choose to become a women, hoping to meet some more people. Ian had no real opinion on this at first, until he saw Carly. He knew he had to have her.

Ian had been sickly for his entire life, prone to crippling migraines and hand pains that kept him from playing the piano he could play so masterfully. He rarely worked because of his pain, but seeing Carly inspired the man. He worked more, checked Carly’s work and insisted the two go to places, slowly changing these nights out with a friend to proper dates.

It took a while for Carly to notice this, she had not changed for a relationship, just to hang out with different people and try to enjoy life, and he resisted vocally at first, but he couldn’t help himself, seeing his friend acting so driven, trying so hard for her, she loved it

One night, she knew it was going to be the night. They went to a fancy meal, a meeting of all the great musicians in there State, and started to dancing, she got closer than before, and eventually suggested they leave early.

Now she was on her knees, she had just pulled his dick out and had opened her mouth. She was about to lose her truest friend. She was about to gain her greatest lover.


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