beware of abandoned houses

Halloween was kind of a lame holiday. Me and my friend Rick thought costumes were dumb and pulling pranks was cruel. Rick did have a penchant for wanting to do “something scary” every now and then, and he used Halloween as an excuse to drag me along on some stupid adventure.

This year we headed out in the swamp to an old abandoned mansion. Well, it was supposed to be abandoned, but when we got there all the lights were on! I wanted to go home but Rick said we should check it out. It was a spooky mystery, right?

Rick snuck around one side of the house while I made my way up the back porch. The house was all clean and decked out like for a party, but there was no one inside!

The door creaked open and I froze. A woman with raven hair stepped out and stared at me. She was completely naked.

“Come inside, your friend is already here.” She said and I felt my body moving on its own to obey her. She led me through the house and up to the bedroom, where Rick was sitting on the bed with a strange look on his face.

“Sit.” The woman commanded and I sat next to Rick. “Tell me truthfully. Do you two think I am sexy?” She asked.

“Yes.” We both replied instantly. I felt embarrassed, usually I’d never be so direct.

“Do you both want to fuck me?” She asked.

“Yes.” We both replied again.

“Good. Neither of you are my type… but I can fix that!” She said and her eyes started to glow. My heart was pounding and suddenly me and Rick’s clothes vanished! Then we stared at each other as our bodies shrank and we each became more feminine. She’d turned us into women!

“First you both need a lesson…” The woman said and pushed us both back on to the bed and started finger fucking both of us. I wanted to tell her to stop, but I couldn’t. It felt too good. I could tell from the look of ecstasy on Rick’s face he was going through the same conflict.

We had the most incredible lesbian 3 way that night and finally passed out just before dawn. I awoke the next day aching and sniffling. I was sleeping on a dusty hard wooden floor in a room that looked like it hadn’t been lived in for a century. And I was a woman. I screamed and then heard another woman scream next to me. Rick and I were stuck.


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