getting worse

“Stephanie this is ridiculous!” Mark said as he felt his chest swell up again. His new bigger bust pushed the zipper down on his sweater as it struggled and failed to accommodate their volume, revealing their immensity to the world.

“Hey, my brother likes busty red heads and you owed me a favor. He’ll be home any minute and I need you to be perfect.” Stephanie replied and looked Mark over. She stared at his breasts and nodded.

“This is ridiculous. I’m a guy for crying out loud!” Mark shouted, trying to ignore the weights on his chest.

“Not any more you’re not. Come on, my brother’s been so depressed since he got dumped. He just needs one rebound date.”

“How far is this “rebound date” supposed to go?” Mark said nervously.

“Oh, just as far as is natural. Which reminds me…” Stephanie said and waved her hand over Mark, who shivered.

“What’d you change?” Mark asked as he glanced down at his chest, half expecting it to grow again.

The door clicked and swung open and a man entered.

“Hey sis, sorry I’m late I-” Brian paused as he saw Mark’s tits hanging out. Mark looked up at him and his cheeks turned almost the same color as his new hair and he tried to cover himself.

“Hey Brian. We were just, um, checking each other for lumps!” Stephanie said and giggled. “This is Marcy. I showed her your picture earlier and she was saying how cute you were. Isn’t that right Marcy?”

“Umm, yeah…” `Marcy’ said and glanced at Brian. She felt a weird nervousness come over her and she realized it was true. She did think Brian was cute.

Brian blushed, “Um, that’s nice. How about you finish getting ready and we can go?”

“Perfect, just give us five minutes!” Stephanie said with a grin as Brian left the room. Mark turned to her and whispered hoarsely.

“What did you do to me!?”

“I just made you like Brian physically. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” Stephanie said and pulled Mark’s sweater shut over he breasts and zipped it up. She stood `Marcy’ up and straightened her clothes a little bit. “Here.” She said and handed Marcy a purse, “Don’t worry, I put some condoms in there.” She whispered back as she shoved Marcy through the door frame.

“You two have fun!” Stephanie shouted and vanished behind the door.


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