Best Man to Bride Woman

Terrence was in shambles, he sat in the back of the limo, in tears, the woman he was to marry, left him hanging at the alter, freaking out and running away from the wedding, even kicking off her heels and holding one in each hand to run away faster, and get into her car, and drive off. Terrence didn’t know what he did, things were going so good before the wedding, though his future wife did get quiet one night when he mentioned about having kids to here while they were lying in bed conversing. He thought she just fell asleep, but in all actuality, the thought freaked her out at this time. Taking care of kids, stretching out her body, gaining weight, she was the one that had to carry and bear those children. What did he have to do, give her his sperm? She was only 24 after all. She wasn’t ready, and it seemed Terrence was, and would push it onto her early in the marriage. She freaked and left him at the alter because of that.

So there Terrence sat (right), talking to his best man and longtime buddy Charlie, upset his partner and lover left him hanging and possibly even left him for good. She was not answering his texts or voicemail, but then again she was driving still, she lived 20 miles from the wedding site. Charlie spoke up about Charlene, the one Terrence was to marry, and his opinion on things.

“Ok, Terrence, here’s what I think happened. I think you freaked her out with the kids thing, she is very young and so are you. I don’t think she was ready for that, and I know how pushy you were with your last two girlfriends about having kids, and you know how that turned out,” said Charlie.

“I know, but usually isn’t it the woman that wants the kids first, I’m just preparing myself early so I don’t disappoint. I guess not all women think that way, my dumbass was stereotyping again. I really do want Charlene to at least come back to talk about this, but she’s long gone, probably driving home,” said Terrence.

“I wish there was something I could do. I wish your bride was right here next to you and understood you like I do,” said Charlie.

No one knew exactly who or what granted that wish, but in an instant, but what seemed like an eternity for Charlie, he was changed into a beautiful brunette bride, all made up in veil and dress, as Terrence stared at Charlie’s new ample breasts. Charlie was staring at them too, and pulled down his dress revealing his new puppies to himself and his buddy Terrence. Both were in shock, but Charlie probably more, he went from best man to bride in an instant, complete with boobs and new plumbing.

“Charlie, is that you?! You look a bit like Charlene, but even hotter, no offense to Charlene though. Wow, that wish came true, but not how you wanted it to. I can’t believe my eyes,” said Terrence, almost popping a boner at the site of his friend’s luscious breasts.

Charlie said, dumbfounded and stunned beyond belief, “You think you can’t believe it? What about me… wow, my voice is even a woman’s! I’m a flipping woman, I’m a bride! I didn’t mean me when I said that. This feels so weird, so strange. My skin is so soft, and this is what it feels like to have these? Wow, simply… wow, it’s hard to explain. My arms and hands are so soft, and delicate now, I’m so soft all over now. This is what a woman feels like? I can’t believe this his happening. I’m a bride, am I supposed to be your bride. Who or what did this to me?!”

Terrence stared some more at his friend, as his friend stared more at his boobs, hefting them up with his delicate hands, amazed at their softness, and sensitivity. They were his, attached to him, he was a woman 100 percent it seemed. He reached below, after hiking up the long dress, and found under his white panties, his new equipment. Brushing his new nub, he tingled with a bit of pleasure. He couldn’t believe this, he had a clit and a pussy. It seemed he had all the right equipment for a bride and wife, the right equipment for the man sitting next to him, now the only man in the limo, because Charlie was a woman.

Terrence looked at Charlie, and smiled, he was attracted to him, and Charlie realized to his shock, he was now attracted to his buddy, and had before this had never thought of Terrence in that way, not once. Was he a straight chick now? Into his own friend? Was this meant to make it easier for him to actually marry his friend, to fill in for Charlene, to be his friend’s wife and lover, and mother of his children? Then again, like Terrence, Charlie loved children too, and wanted them early in life.

“Terrence, why am I attracted to you. I can’t believe this, you look good to me,” said a shocked Charlie.

“I’m attracted to you too,” said Terrence, his pants growing.

“Oh, my is that your boner?! Oh my word. I can’t believe this is happening, that bulge is turning me on with curiosity and desire, what should we do, Terrence,” asked the frightened new woman and bride.

“Marry each other, babe, and why not? They always say marry your friend, or something like that. Fate must have done this for a reason, and we are both insanely attracted to each other now, physically. The mental thing is all taken care of as we are already close friends. This is just the icing on the cake, and babe, I bet you taste like the frosting on the cake too, sweet and good,” said an excited and carried away Terrence.

“Oh, I bet you do too, Terrence, baby, woah, why did I just say that, and call you baby, baby,” asked Charlie covering his new painted lips.

“Because you love me babe, now we have a wedding to get to, they are all waiting for me to bring Charlene back, and now I’ll just bring you out there,” said Terrence.

The two actually married, becoming more and more sure about it as they left the car and went back to the alter. The crowd was astonished as it seemed this wasn’t Charlene, more like a prettier knock off of her. Terrence told everyone to not worry about it, and instantly named his new bride, saying he was now marrying Carlie, that name a twist on Charlie.

Once they said their vows and married, they embraced in a kiss willingly, and that seemed to seal the deal, they were both madly in love now, and couldn’t wait to get back to Terrence’s bedroom to consummate the marriage. That day, Carlie became Terrence’s wife and lover and mother of their first love children, becoming pregnant with twins on their wedding day.


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