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Best Man to Bride Woman

Terrence was in shambles, he sat in the back of the limo, in tears, the woman he was to marry, left him hanging at the alter, freaking out and running away from the wedding, even kicking off her heels and holding one in each hand to run away faster, and get into her car, and drive off. Terrence didn’t know what he did, things were going so good before the wedding, though his future wife did get quiet one night when he mentioned about having kids to here while they were lying in bed conversing. He thought she just fell asleep, but in all actuality, the thought freaked her out at this time. Taking care of kids, stretching out her body, gaining weight, she was the one that had to carry and bear those children. What did he have to do, give her his sperm? She was only 24 after all. She wasn’t ready, and it seemed Terrence was, and would push it onto her early in the marriage. She freaked and left him at the alter because of that. Read more

My Birthday Wish

It was my birthday finally and everyone was gathered around the table. I couldn’t wait to eat the cake because it was my favorite ice cream cake. As everyone sung to me ‘Happy Birthday’ I realized to had to make a wish. It always puzzled me each year what I wanted and the answer always surprised me because it makes me think of what I truly want. One cannot waste a birthday wish after all. Finally, it came to me. I closed my eyes and blew out the candles. I heard clapping and everyone talking but I felt my senses dulling and my perception changing. I knew immediately something was wrong, I felt so…. feminine. A million thoughts rushed though my mind as I noticed everyone starting to realize something was off about it. A warm numbness settled in my stomach and groin, slowly filling my body. Then it came to me, my innocent wish came true. I didn’t think it could actually happen but I was becoming a woman. Read more