Darla Delights

Many mutants had strange powers, and Darrel here was no exception. Whenever he got really horny, he would change sex into a raven haired beauty with five times the normal sex drive of the average woman. This was not all. Once he had sex with a male, he would suck the maleness out of them, giving them the orgasm of their life, then leaving that be their last male orgasm, as the would irreversibly be transformed into woman afterward. This in turn would allow her to change back to her regular self, Darrel. The process would repeat, whenever Darrel would get horny once more. Essentially Darrel, though normally a male, had never really had sex as a man, since the horniness would always change him to female. He even named his female form, Darla Delights. The sex was always delightful, and the resulting male transformations turned out rather well, as most of the men she was with turned into beauties much like herself, even possessing high sex drives like hers and for men.

Many of the men she slept with were shocked to find not only had they become sexy women with high sex drives, but that they also were straight too, now attracted to men. They would have to learn to adjust, as the process was irreversible. Darrel felt his mutant powers were a blessing and a curse, he got to have amazing sex, but at the same time never experiencing the male side of it, and also stealing other men’s manhood. Then again, he often thought how could sex be much better than what he experiences as a female anyway? Perhaps the males he changes are better off too, as they also had heighten sex drives, albeit for men, but would obviously have tremendously pleasurable sex none-the-less.

Darrel eventually took a serum that Beast had invented that was suppose to suppress his change when horny, but it had the opposite affect, much like when Beast’s own formula made him even more of a mutant, instead of more like a human. The serum made Darrel permanently Darla, never changing back, and his powers increased as well. When he had sex with men, they would not only turn into females with big sex drives, but would now have enormous sex characteristics, and become bimbo nymphomaniacs also. Also, before when he would be with women, it would have no affect on them whatsoever, but now with his enhanced powers, when he was with a woman, that woman would have her attributes exaggerated and her sex drive increased vastly as well.

Darla Delights was the mutant of sexuality, female sexuality that is, and one way or the other, any partner she had would experience female sexuality as well.


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