Beer and the Guys

Ted bumped into an old lady at the market, and didn’t apologize, saying he was in a hurry for beer and the guys. The old lady made a remark… and a spell.

“Beer and the guys? Ok, be on your way,” said the old lady with an evil smile.

Suddenly down the street Ted poured a beer into a cup, and was licking it as he changed into a ample breasted brunette with nothing but short shorts and sneakers on, with a purse. Soon the guys showed up, as a shocked and shaking Ted held the beer, realizing he was turned into a chick. One look at the guys however, and he was super attracted, and new urges prevailed.

“Guys, it’s me Ted, but wow, I’m changed, some old lady got to me or something. Wow, you guys look… oh my,” said the new Ted in a sultry sexy voice.

The guys didn’t see Ted, but a hot babe with the beer, as they escorted her back to Jim’s parent’s house. There Ted tried to resist, but couldn’t and they guys had a great tiem with the new horny babe. Ted realized he was out of control and sexy babe, and if he didn’t find that old lady, he would always be that way. Fortunately for the guys, he never did find the lady or change back, now known as Tessa instead.


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