Fuck, I might have pushed this too far.

I’ve always had a problem fitting in, I like to be different. I like to be appreciated. Nothing bad about that. But after my folks got a divorce I kept upping the stakes to get their attention. Acting out, fighting, shoplifting. The usual.
About a year ago I was reading about transgender people and how a lot of people think they are very brave for transitioning and stuff. It was wrong but I figured this would be the ultimate way of getting my mum and dads attention.
So I ‘came out’ to them. They were very supportive and told me they loved me. I ‘cried’ and told them how unhappy I was being a boy and this was why I’d been acting up.

Stupid, I know.

My folks took me to a Doctor friend of theirs and I got put on hormones. Apparently, I react VERY well to hormone meds. I had a nice size pair of tits and womanly hips within a few months. I tried to cover them by wearing baggy clothes but it barely worked, I looked like a dyke or tomboy. When my folks asked why I still wore mens clothing, I told them I was a tomboy to cover up the fact I was lying. But it got harder and harder.

I hated wearing bras but my breasts would hurt without one, I never wore make up and just started spelling my name Kris instead of changing to a more feminine name. I figured the Doctor would notice that I wasn’t trying and just stop the whole process. But I was dead wrong. Unfortunately, he said he understood and if anything the process even seemed to speed up. He upped my dosage of meds and booked my surgery. I had no way out without ruining everything or being thrown out of my home.

I woke up from the surgery with my dick gone and a brand new pussy installed.
I was shocked to say the least but there wasn’t anything I could do about it now. So as I lay here on my bed at home and look at the first vagina I have ever seen up close, I’m sad that it is also my own vagina and not someone elses.
I mean, its not all bad. The tits are fun to play with and a couple of cute girls have asked me to come over to hang out. But I can’t help feeling that my folks knew that they weren’t exactly “Helping”.


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