Alternate Reality – Self Love

(#alternatereality, part 3)

Ted had to go into work the next day, luckily enough for me. I decided that I really wasn’t ready to go to work myself as a girl yet, so I got to stay home. When I kissed Ted goodbye in the morning I was relieved. I could maybe just try to act like myself for a while, let my guard down. Pretending to act like his girlfriend wasn’t easy for a guy like me.

With a minute to myself I looked down at my female body. It still felt so foreign to me. I cupped my breasts and jiggled them, feeling their soft shape ripple and stretch as they shook. I ran my hand down my flat tummy (didn’t have one of those in a while), and felt the slow contour down to a flat waistline. My fingers played at my panty line briefly, then I had a naughty thought.

I have time. I could masturbate.

In a girl’s body though!? “Get a hold of yourself, Ken. You’re not a woman!” I yelled to myself.

Still, I felt a particular longing. I remembered jerking myself off when I had a penis. How good it felt to just lay back and…

I couldn’t take it any longer. This was MY body now. I had command, and there was nothing Ted could do to stop me. Besides, I could imagine my old self fucking girls, just my own little escape from whatever this current messed up reality is.

I bravely slipped my hand into my panties. As soon as my finger brushed against my clit I let out a soft “ah!” before retreating again. It was a little dry, but the sensation was undeniable. I needed it. Instinctively, I spit on my finger and went for it again. Much better.

I moved slowly and carefully at first. “Ohhh… wow…” I massaged the tender folds of my labia (I think that’s what it was called?) in an awkward circular motion. I had only ever fingered other girls before, and doing it to myself was… tricky. In no time, though, I had a sensational rhythm down, and I could feel my body warming up as I rubbed my own pussy. My pussy. Mine.

I closed my eyes. I tried to picture the hottest girl I could, hotter even than me. Just then, a hot guy popped into my head. Chiseled abs, rugged face. My mouth opened and I let out a gasp as my pussy felt like it was on fire. The guy took me from behind and…

“No!” I screamed, ripping my hand from my now-wet panties. My vagina was thirsty with longing, it still wanted to be touched. Why did I just think of a guy?

I whined a little. I didn’t want to stop masturbating. I went into my bedroom and laid on the bed. I was determined. Pulling my panties completely off, I grabbed my cellphone and navigated to a porn site with naked hot girls. That’ll do the trick.

Spitting on my hand again I started to rub myself with more determination. Staring at the buxom women in bikinis and scandalous poses, I curled my toes as I felt a deeper need to insert a finger inside me. Naturally, I closed my eyes again, feeling the rush of ecstasy as these naughty womanly pleasures washed over me.

The man was back again, taking me by the waist. I was facing him, my smooth legs propped up and spread proudly. He held my left breast and massaged it firmly, moving ever closer to me. He was also naked, his firm dick pressed against my thigh. I let out a happy squeal as he pushed, gently at first but with more intensity as my natural vaginal lubrication allowed him easier access. He filled me up, and I drank up his beautiful auburn eyes as he fucked me over and over and…

My body quaked and shivered, my back arched backwards and I woke to the sudden realization that I was orgasming. My vision blurred, and I let out a low moan as my muscles tightened everywhere. Collapsing, finished, I released a long sigh. My pussy ached.

Ted stood there in the doorway, I had no idea how long he’d been there. I quickly pulled a sheet to cover my exposed body, still breathing heavily.

“Having fun?”

“…why can’t I think about girls when I masturbate?” I asked meekly, pulling a strand of sweaty hair and tucking it behind my ear.

A smile curled across his lips. “It’s simple, really. You’re not allowed to.”


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