African Spell

“You stupid bitch, what have you done to me???”

“So Dominik, or should I say Denise.
As I see, you already could acclimate to your new body. Yes, I have turned you into a black girl.
You were so bad to my sister, so this is your punishment.
You said you want only sex with a black girl, but you don´t want to have a black girlfriend.

Well, I have used an old African spell to teach you a lesson.
For the next 4 weeks you are Denise, now. The horny black bitch.

If you are a good girl I’ll turn you back, when the time is over.
But only one thing. If you have a orgasm in the next 4 weeks, the spell will change you into a girl forever.

And I should explain you, that your libido is very active.
Not to masturbate will be very difficult for you. You will constantly have the desire to do it.”

“No, I bet you’re lying. You want to fool me. I think it is the polar opposite.”

“Ahhh …. Denise, what are you doing? Why do you pull your panties down?
Hey, what are you doing there with your hand?!”

“You will not blackmail me. So, where is my pussy?
Oh… Oh.. Yes…Ohhh….That feels so good. Ohhhh yeeessssssssss.”

“Ok Denise, I see you enjoy the new you. You will stuck in this body for the rest of your live, now.”

“Fuck , I ‘m still a girl. Shit, you said the truth. What have I done??? I don`t want to stay like this forever.”

“It`s your own fault. You didn`t believe me. But don`t worry. You look really hot.
I think I’ll introduce you to my brother. He is single.”

“Oh no.”


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