Taking Changes Too Far

Harold was taking things way too far. He got drunk one day, and in front of his friends, used the new gender change ray they invented to change and be silly. Harold put it on Super Max, and let the ray’s energies flood his body. Instantly he was changed to a well endowed blonde woman in a mid length gray dress. The changes weren’t complete, however, as the ray continued, and ultra feminized his chest. He was actually getting into it, too drunk to care, as he embraced the lusciously humongous breasts now attached to his sexy body. They grew in his tiny new hands, and he was having the time of his life.

Harold would soon sober up a bit, once the machine blew for turning it up so high, and it caught fired and burned all the plans for it, that a now deceased scientist had worked on so hard for a long while. Their work was based off those plans, and without them, they were helpless to rebuild, and Harold would be stuck as with his ultra tremendously busty female body!

Harold soon wouldn’t be acting silly as he realized the change was permanent, and those extreme boobs were his permanently too!


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