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Fitness fanatic

November 8, 1998
Josh was a sports fanatic. It was his favourite thing to do. After years of training he finally achieved his dream body and was one of the best trained men in the whole country. However then he had nothing to do, so he went to a local claiming to know witchcraft and asked her to give him a new goal to achieve. The witch did so and transformed him into a chubby, busty, fat, ass heavy black woman.
“Now you can go train this body to become the very best.” Read more

Please Stop Getting Bigger

Oh god, it just keeps getting bigger. These are my biggest pair of shorts and they’re halfway up my ass. I can’t let it get much bigger, but it’s only been a week and I’ve got from petite to… This. Read more

Schule der Erwachsenen 4

Auch Dennis und Sascha (beide 15) wurden von dem Licht getroffen. Beide waren die schlimmsten Jungs der Schule und waren bekannt dafür, andere zu mobben und zu verprügeln.
Und ihre Mitschülerinnen bezeichneten sie oft als Bitches oder Huren.
Das Schicksal wollte, das aus ihnen die Beiden schlimmsten Mädchen der Schule wurden, Chantale und Kelly. Dennis wurde zu Chantale und alterte bis etwa 30 Jahre. Er hatte jetzt den Körper einer Nutte, mit Silikontitten, Botoxlippen und viel Make Up. Sascha, der ein Fan von Black Music war, wurde zur etwa 26 Jahre alten Kelly. Er musste jetzt nicht nur mit seinem neuen Geschlecht, sondern auch mit einer neuen Hautfarbe klarkommen. Kelly war nämlich schwarz. Read more

No, your name is Denise, now.

“Fuck Sebastian, what have you done to me? The machine had not worked right. The only thing a wanted, was a bit more muscles on my arms.
And now look at me. I’m a slim white man and not a fat black girl. “ Read more

Stranger in my room.

Once I was vacationing in Africa. I was resting in my room when my door knocked. I walked over and asked, “Who’s there?” but there was no answer. I opened, suddenly a huge black naked man with a force pushed me back into the room. I looked at his huge thick cock, it was giant, probably about 11 inches. I couldn’t stop staring at his cock as if hypnotized. He grinned and said “I See that you like my big black dick, slut.” “You are very lucky, my dick is magic, it turns such bitches like you in real sexbombs”. “What, I’m not a whore…” I tried to protest but my voice changed and became sexy, feminine high pitched voice. “What’s wrong with my voice,” I sound so feminine, but the magic of his giant member was doing a good job. I felt a tingling in my cock as it rapidly began to shrink drawn into my body with the scrotum forming sweet pussy with puffy wet lips. I opened the robe and touched my pussy, a wave of pleasure ran through my body. “Oh my God, I’m a woman,” I said, feeling my soft, tender pussy is ready to engulf his huge black dick. He grinned again, “Yeah bitch, further more” he suddenly came up to me snatched my Bathrobe, turned me and threw me on the bed so I was on all fours. He took me by the waist, which began to rapidly shrink, and inserted his huge cock into my hot ready pussy. I yelped in surprise and felt his cock tightens the muscles of my vagina. He began to pump his huge cock inside and outside my pussy, tearing me apart. I could feel his hips hit my ass and it began to inflate, each blow was becoming softer and softer as I felt my butt is growing becoming a big plump feminine ass. I began to moan like a real whore while he fucked me, long brown curls began to droop of my face framing my beautiful female face. Sweet moans fell from my plump lips as he pumped my pussy from behind. I felt a tingling in my chest when it suddenly began to swell, two huge soft voluptuous Tits size double D has formed on my chest. I moaned and groaned while he fucked me from behind completely turning me into a curvy, voluptuous woman. “Yes, slut you’re so sexy, I always loved voluptuous women, you will like to be a woman I promise, and you will soon see it” he began to speed up pumping into my pussy bringing me to orgasm. I groaned when a wave of orgasm covered me, I felt how his cock exploded inside me in a hot stream. I was in heaven, felt my first female multiple orgasms. After that, he disappeared, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Since then it’s been 9 months, I have a huge pregnant belly, in which two gift left by a strange man who made me a real woman.

Wereceleb Virus

Sebastian konnte sein Glück kaum fassen. Seine Freunde Dominik und Andre hatten sich mit dem Wereceleb Virus infiziert. Vor seinen Augen verwandelte sich Dominik in Shakira und Andre in Rihanna. Die Beiden lagen nun etwas erschöpft auf Sebastians Bett. Er merkte wie er plötzlich geil wurde. Allerdings wusste er, dass er durch Sex mit den Beiden sich auch infizieren würde. “Ach was soll`s, so eine Gelegenheit muss man nutzen” sagte er zu sich selbst und legte sich zu den beiden Popschönheiten. “Vielleicht wird aus mir ja beim nächsten Vollmond Katy Perry. Dann könnten wir den heißesten Dreier aller Zeiten machen” dachte Sebastian noch…………….