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The Queen

Mr Marbury had a successful business transaction with Linda. He now owned all the businesses in town. He came home to a happy Mrs Marbury. Mrs Marbury was a retired business women and needless to say was not in shape. Mr Marbury got all his sex on the side while Mrs Marbury just spent his money. Mr Marbury in particular had a main by the name of Jane. Jane was Mr Marbury’s personal sex slave. Zack thought how sad it was for the situation of Mrs Marbury. That night he had both Jane and Mrs Marbury in the same room. The looks of confusion were on both their faces. Jane was a selfish person and had always wanted to pull Mr Marbury away from his wife. Mrs Marbury could not do much otherwise. Zack went to both of them and covered both their mouths as Jane was berating Mrs Marbury. He shot some of his liquid into them. Following that, he started to transform them. He gave Jane’s hot sexual body to Mrs Marbury and made her younger till she looked like she was in college. Mrs Marbury’s sagging chest ballooned out showing of gravity defying tits. He flat tummy followed a perky ass her skin tightened. Zack than gave Mrs Marbury’s old and aged body to Jane. He proceeded to kick Jane out as he had no use for her now. Zack used Mr Marbury’s thick hands to fondle his wife’s new body. Her curves and tits were desirable and Mrs Marbury was horny as hell. Before the night was over, Mrs Marbury came multiple times and was a hot sticky mess as Zack had his way with his new wife.

The black stick

Linda was rich and Zack loved that about her. Zack loved being able to control men and women whether it was through pleasure, money or power. That week, Zack still in Linda’s body had assumed control over her establishments and businesses. Linda had a thorn in her side in the form of businessman, Mr Marbury. He was trying to take over her businesses through brute force and gangsterism. That night, Linda was going to meet Mr Marbury for a business transaction. Zack knew he could change things around. At dinner that night. Linda was in her usual slutty dress meeting up with Mr Marbury. They were in a classy hotel having dinner talking about business. Mr Marbury was trying to buy all of Linda’s business at a low price and lowballing her. Zack figured out that he should just take it all. Zack liquified himself and placed half of himself into Mr Marbury’s wine glass when he went to the bathroom. When Mr Marbury came back, he drank the wine unknowingly before Jack finally took control of him. Zack realized that Mr Marbury was a hunk of a man. He had a thick long shaft and loved to have his way with women from Mr Marbury’s memories flooding into him. Zack got both Linda and Mr Marbury into a hotel and they both started kissing each other. Zack lay Mr Marbury’s body down and got Linda’s snatch lined up before he started slamming both Mr Marbury’s shaft into Linda. Zack felt Linda’s fold open up wider than he ever felt and the tight snatch grabbed Zack’s new dick. He finally came hard into Linda as he was slapping Linda’s pert ass. Zack made Linda sign all her businesses to Mr Marbury as he retracted all the liquid into Mr Marbury leaving Linda in a hot sticky mess.


“Why did I take that shortcut?” Matt thought to himself as waves of pain and pleasure wracked his body. Read more

Schule der Erwachsenen 4

Auch Dennis und Sascha (beide 15) wurden von dem Licht getroffen. Beide waren die schlimmsten Jungs der Schule und waren bekannt dafür, andere zu mobben und zu verprügeln.
Und ihre Mitschülerinnen bezeichneten sie oft als Bitches oder Huren.
Das Schicksal wollte, das aus ihnen die Beiden schlimmsten Mädchen der Schule wurden, Chantale und Kelly. Dennis wurde zu Chantale und alterte bis etwa 30 Jahre. Er hatte jetzt den Körper einer Nutte, mit Silikontitten, Botoxlippen und viel Make Up. Sascha, der ein Fan von Black Music war, wurde zur etwa 26 Jahre alten Kelly. Er musste jetzt nicht nur mit seinem neuen Geschlecht, sondern auch mit einer neuen Hautfarbe klarkommen. Kelly war nämlich schwarz. Read more

No, your name is Denise, now.

“Fuck Sebastian, what have you done to me? The machine had not worked right. The only thing a wanted, was a bit more muscles on my arms.
And now look at me. I’m a slim white man and not a fat black girl. “ Read more

Life Line

It had been a while since I had heard from my buddy Tre, right before the start of school Freshman year he was suddenly transferred. Read more

Dark Master (17)

“Look, Mister, um… Master… I-I’m sorry for not letting you in the club a minute ago. I swear I didn’t know who you were! I’m… I’m just a bouncer okay? I was just doin’ my job…” Read more