A few lessons

Tabby and Mark’s relationship was great except for one thing. Tabby was awful at fellatio. Mark tried time and again to guide her, but she just didn’t get it. Mark missed getting good head, but it was because Tabby got so upset that she couldn’t please her man that drove Mark to take desperate action.

Mark had gotten a book from his Aunt when she passed away. It was a spellbook. Mark hadn’t believe it until he’d used a spell in it to give himself a bigger cock. He’d seen another spell in there he’d been curious about, but had never tried. Genderswap.

After Tabby calmed down following their transformation and the revelation that magic was real, Mark told the new man he was going to teach Tabby how to get felatio right.

A few minutes later, Mark was on his knees in front of Tabby, Tabby’s cock in Mark’s mouth. A few seconds after that, Mark was gagging on the wad of cum abruptly fired into the back of his throat.

Tabby apologized and said that she hadn’t learned anything and they’d have to go again. She promised to control herself better next time. Mark reluctantly agreed, noting that thirty seconds wasn’t long enough to teach anyone anything.

The next day Tabby did indeed last much longer, but weirder than that, Mark found himself really enjoying sucking Tabby’s cock. When Tabby said she needed another lesson, Mark agreed without hesitation.

The third day Mark actually came when Tabby fired into her mouth. Mark’s whole body shuddered and spasmed as he swallowed the delicious goopy cum.

Tabby felt a little guilty as Mark looked up at her, Mark’s face flush and unable to keep from smiling as a bead of Tabby’s cum worked its way to her chin. Tabby had never felt a sensation like the blowjob Mark had given her that first day and knew she needed more. Maybe casting that spell when Mark was asleep to make Mark enjoy giving fellatio as much as Tabby did had been a bit of a breech of trust.

Just a few more lessons, Tabby said to the euphoric looking woman between her legs. Or maybe by then she’d be able to talk Mark into making this more permanent…


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