MAU – You will like it

“Let me change you just once! Pretty please! Pretty pretty please!”
Caroline have tried to convince her boyfriend to let her decide what her boyfriend David should look like, using the Morphic Adaptation Unit. She have been on him most of the day and his willpower to resist was crumbling.


“Alright. Alright. Al-fucking-right! I´ll do it! For feck sake! I´ll try out being a female. Thirty minutes. Tops!”
Caroline squealed in excitement.

David studied the panel after Caroline had touched it and conjured a body on the screen.
A woman.
Curvy and clad in lingerie. *sigh* This will be so humiliating. Better get it over with.
He entered the booth and touched the purple crystal.
The machine closed the opening and began to hum a couple of seconds. The opening appeared once again and David exited the MAU in his female body.
“Happy now?”, he said to his girlfriend with a tint of irritation in his voice.
“I am. You turned out really well”, Caroline said and eyed the woman in front of her up and down. David crossed his arms on his chest to display his annoyance.
“Aw David. Can´t you get into it just a little bit? That sour face doesnt suit your body. I promise you´ll like it”
“Thirty minutes. After that I´ll change back”

Caroline expected that David would react like this. She knew her boyfriend good enough to anticipate that.
“Hold on. I`ll use the machine too”
She walked over to the panel, touched it to conjure her mental image on the screen and went inside, touching the crystal.
Door closed. Machine hummed. When she exited the machine there were no apparent changes to her, much to David´s relief. For a second or two he was afraid that she wanted to become a guy so they could roleplay boyfriend/girlfriend from the other side of the gender fence.

She had an impish grin on her face when she began to approach David.
“What did you do?”, he asked her, worried by her demeanor.
Her body rippled, then it dissolved into a red goo, which continued to move towards David.
Horror painted his face. “Caroline?”, his voice was unsteady.
The red goo launched itself at him. It wasn´t possible to evade it.
The thing began to forcefully enter his openings, filling his vaginal canal and his anal cavity to the brim. He had never felt so full in his entire life.
David struggled to stay on his two feet, stumbling all over the place. He felt how it moved inside of him and was spreading.
It was an distorting having the full feeling of your legs but not being able to move them. Same went for his body and arms, and he was slowly losing the battle for his head.

He was merely a passenger in someone elses body. No control what so ever.
It moved over to the mirror and stared herself in the eyes. “Hi David!”, she chirped.
“You´ve been so insensitive towards women even before finding the MAU and it only got worse afterwards. So I´ve decided to educate you in womanhood”.
It was Caroline.
“I used the machine to turn myself into a entity that can possess bodies. Cool huh?”, she winked at herself, “Don´t bother to answer”.

“So this is what is going to happen: We will go through the whole routine getting ready for a night in the town step by step. When that is done we will visit a nightclub or bar. Sounds good, right?”, she said rhetorically.
“And if we are lucky we will find a man with a big dick. It doesn´t have to be big either if the guy is good at using it”, she said with a giggle.

Inside of her David was begging her not to. He didn´t want to feel a dick inside of him, especially not as a woman.
It was safe to say as it was Caroline that had designed the body it was really sensitive. When she noticed that David began to enjoy being fucked by the man they had left the bar with she left him and took over the big-dicked man instead, continuing pistoning in and out of David with immense glee.
David didn´t notice that he was in control again, he was a slave to the sensations by now. His body acted on autopilot that wanted more.

His orgasm crashed down on him and made himmoan and writhe in ecstasy. It was the most fulfilling thing he ever had experienced. His whole body had exploded in pleasure everywhere at once, making him zone out from this world and into his own world of bliss for several long seconds.

The afterglow was still radiating within him when he heard a male voice whisper tenderly in his ear: “I told you you would like it”


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