A bet taken too far

My girlfriend, Lana, and I had found a book of spells in a box of books my grandparents had left me when they died. We both got a laugh as we read some of the spells, figuring it was a joke. As we came across a spell for a 24 hour gender swap, she laughed and said to me “Jeff, if this was real, I bet you couldn’t survive 24 hours as a woman”. “Challenge accepted”, I said and laughed back at her. She read the spell, and as it turns out it was real.

We stayed in at the apartment for the evening, as my roommate, Jim, was gone for the weekend.
As we sat there, we both felt an urge to start playing around. We were having fun experimenting with my temporary new body.

I heard the door open. It turned out my roommate was not gone for the weekend.

“Well Jeff, lets see if you can survive this part of being a woman” Lana whispered in my ear. “Would you care to join in the fun Jim? I can’t seem to find Jeff anywhere, and we both are quite horny.”

Seeing two beautiful women naked on a bed, he couldn’t resist, and stripped quite quickly. We didn’t want to raise suspicion of who I actually was, so I didn’t say anything.

He thrust into me slowly the first time. It felt odd. But even stranger, in my own mind I started to only refer to myself as Jennifer

I whispered to my girlfriend “Lana, something is wrong, I can’t remember what my name was anymore. The only name coming in to my mind is Jennifer”

“Oh Jeff, calm down, you will be alright, we can’t have him find out it is you. He would freak out.”

Jeff…that name did not make much sense in my head. But I held on to my male essence in my head. Focusing on very masculine memories, like being a part of the boy scouts, playing football, and the first time I made love to Lana.

He thrust again into me, a few times in rapid succession. It felt good, but I was still so scared. But as I reached for my memories, things were blurry. I remembered selling girl scout cookies, cheerleading, and going prom dress shopping with Lana. But that wasn’t right. Only a few hours ago I had a penis. I knew I was a man, Lana was my girlfriend. But why was I a man named Jennifer who had all these memories. I did not know. I watched as Jim thrust a few times in Lana. I got close and kissed her.

I whispered to her again, “Lana, I’m scared. Something is wrong. I don’t remember our first time making love anymore. All my memories are coming up as those of a young girl.”

“Jeff, seriously your just making these things up to get out of this 24 hour bet. Having sex as a woman is part of that challenge at this point.” She seemed completely unconcerned.

Jim switched back to thrusting into me. I held on in my mind to the fact that Lana was my girlfriend. I couldn’t lose that important memory. But then Jim started pounding me like a mad man. Why would I think that Lana is my girlfriend? We’ve been best friends since kindergarten. She was so happy for me when I started dating a nice guy like Jim. She even was willing to join in for his dream of a 3 way. But no. I was a man. That wasn’t right. These memories all seemed so blurry. I felt nervous. Was I just nervous about my first threesome? I knew Lana knew the truth. Something in the back of my mind still told me I was a man. But that did not make much sense.

Jim took a little break to go grab some lube from the bathroom.

“So what do you think Jeff? Having fun losing your virginity again?” Lana laughed as she talked to me.

“Lana, I am so nervous. I don’t know whats wrong, but why are you calling me Jeff?”
“Jeff stop playing. Like I said, you can’t get out of this bet. Hopefully this makes you a better lover when you are back to being a man again”
“What are you saying Lana? Don’t let the Jim start again. Everything feels wrong. Please I am not lying.”

Before anything else could happen, Jim had snuck back in and started fucking me again. My mind told me that Jim had been such a good boyfriend and lover, and that having this threesome was a great idea. But still a little sliver of my brain said “You are a male underneath all of this, dont forget the spell.” I started crying a little. Lana finally started to actually look nervous.

But the sex was so good. I loved Jim. I wanted to marry him someday soon. I would be a beautiful bride. Lana would love being a maid of honor. Why would I ever believe I was a man? I am Jennifer, and I’m a woman.

Then Jim released his cum into me. Suddenly, my mind cleared, and I lay down on the bed next to my best friend Lana. Jim went off to the bathroom to shower.

“Thanks for being willing to join me and Jim for a threesome Lana, you know a girls gotta keep her boyfriend happy”

Lana looked at me with a shocked look. Her mind seemed conflicted.

She hopped off the bed and grabbed a book from the floor. She studied it for a few minutes. I heard her mutter “contact with semen makes changes permanent” and later “only the spell caster will realize the changes”. She started crying. I went over to embrace her, I did not want my best friend sad after that amazing threesome.

She looked up at me. “Je…Jef..Jennifer, I’m sorry. I think I messed a lot of things up in a way you will never understand.”

“It’s ok Lana, nothing could ever ruin our friendship.”

She cried more.

“If it will cheer you up, I’m pretty sure that Jim is going to propose soon- so you will finally get to be my maid of honor!”

She hugged me tight. “Jennifer, just remind me to never make any bets with you in the future. I can let things get a bit out of control.”

“Ok” I said, confused as to what she meant.

And true to my womans intuition, Jim proposed a week later. And a year later, I smiled at Lana as I walked down the aisle as a beautiful bride.


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