A Vacation From Me

I had asked my girlfriend what she wanted for her birthday.

“I really could just use a vacation to get away from everything. I heard that there is this amazing resort called Bikini Beach”

“Anything for you love” I answered back.

I went online and bought tickets for both of us that night.

It turned out that this vacation would be quite different from me. My girlfriend was giddy when I walked out of the changing room in my blue bikini.

Strangely enough I wasn’t upset about having been transformed into a woman. I gave her a big hug. “Lets go tan on the beach honey!” I could not resist that idea.

After we laid down, we did the most important thing, took a selfie.

I was gorgeous. After the selfie my girlfriend embraced me and kissed me passionately.
“You look beautiful, I’m so excited to try out having a girlfriend for the week”.

By the end of the week we decided to renew for a lifetime pass.


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